1. Moving Mindfully ; Mask, Science , Storytelling, and Mime
2. Tai Chi Mindfulness and Chinese Brushpainting


Linda Peck – “Moving Mindfully through Mask, Science, Storytelling and Mime,” “Moving with the Monkeys; Mindfulness Tai Chi and Chinese Brushpainting”




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


ELA, Health, Science, The Arts


$550 1 hour program + travel
$850 two 1 hour programs + travel
$1536 three 1 hour programs + travel
One hour program $590 + travel
Two assemblies $1065+ travel
Three assemblies $1536+ travel
One hour $600 + travel

Dates Available

Please ask : Not available Mondays and Wednesdays from Sept -Dec 8,2018

Program Theme

1. Moving Mindfully ; Mask, Science , Storytelling, and Mime
2. Tai Chi Mindfulness and Chinese Brushpainting

Program Description

My school programs are a whole body approach to shape meaning in learning. As an integrated artist , I teach about making connections, and that science has to contain as art contains science. I ask students to think like Da Vinic.. My school programs are interactive including the assembly programs. They use movement, and evidence-based mindfulness techniques to explore Science, Art, History, and Storytelling. Sensory modalities include: mime, laban( space harmonies), and embodied learning techniques. Mindfulness is also connected in large ways, as when you are mindful of your learning you learn with efficiency. My performances, the Circus show and Being Mary are both Mime, movement and magic oriented and support edutainment. I work with libraries as well as schools presenting performances and workshops on Tai Chi and Chinese Brushpainting. I can come and do a varied program for your school or library. Finally I present PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTS on Health and Wellness and the Science and Art of Learning. Please contact for further information. See photo of PD teaching below.


(413) 834-4721


90 Alexander Hill Road Northfield MA

Associated Acts/Performances

Physics of Circus- For 3rd -7th graders a workshop teaching students about motion and force through circus arts. Children learn to balance and manipulate objects.
Circus of Imagination Show- FAMILY NIGHT – Circus skills juggling tightrope and balloons a fun show for the whole family!
Being Mary Poppins- Linda Peck worked with the Broadway Production of Mary Poppins and does a show that involves fun magic and teaching for schools and libraries.


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