Trials-riding, Goal-setting, Anti-Bullying


Academic Entertainment – Bike Stunt Show




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Character Education, Health, Storytelling, Theatre


Physical Education, Storytelling, Theatre


Discount 1 or 2/$2295 April 6, 8-10

1 or 2/$2495, AM/PM – $2995
Two schools sharing a day may have 1 or 2/$1995 per site.

Contact us for other potential discount dates added throughout the school year!

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883, email, or visit our website ( and fill out our request information form for date availability.

Program Theme

Trials-riding, Goal-setting, Anti-Bullying

Program Description

Bike Stunt Show is a high energy action sports show featuring professional mountain bike stunt rider Craig Wright. As both a professional rider and experienced public speaker he travels the country inspiring kids to achieve their goals and stop bullying in their communities.

Bike Stunt Show features a type of mountain bike called “trials.” “Trials” is best described as bicycle gymnastics or parkour, and shows unbelievable skill and balance on a bicycle. Craig navigates a set of platforms and obstacles with balance and power most kids didn’t even know was possible! It’s an experience your students will never forget!

Choose from one of two school programs for your Bike Stunt Show assembly:

How to Achieve Big Scary Goals: Craig is one of the only full-time mountain bike trials riders in the country and knows what it takes to achieve big goals. It takes more than a warm fuzzy feeling and this program focuses on picking big goals and why “big” goals are important, overcoming fears and failures, the importance of lifelong learning, and having positive role models and supportive friends.

Bullying Education Program: A high energy program educating youth about bullying. This program utilizes definitions, information, and recommendations from STOPBULLYING.GOV along with stories from Craig’s childhood both as a student who bullied and a student who was bullied.

The nature of mountain bike trials allows the Bike Stunt Show program to be transported to any field or parking lot.

This mountain bike action show incorporates audience participation and breathtaking crowd favorites such as huge jumps and balance, maneuvering over volunteers, “losing” the front wheel and riding the course without it, and riding straight off the roof of a trailer, a drop of more than 8 feet (outdoor show only)! The show can be performed on grass, gravel, or pavement and only requires access to electricity.

Please have an alternate indoor venue available in the event of inclement weather.




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