Motivational Mime, Character Education, Animated Storytelling, Leadership, Life skills


Mr. Tay (Academic Entertainment) — Character Education




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Character Education, Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


Physical Education, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


1 or 2/$2400, AM/PM – $2900
Two schools sharing a day may have school assemblies for 1 or 2/$1595 per site.
Contact us for potential discount dates where you may enjoy the two-site pricing w/o a partner school!

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883, email, or visit our website ( and fill out our request information form for date availability.

Program Theme

Motivational Mime, Character Education, Animated Storytelling, Leadership, Life skills

Program Description

Animated storyteller Tay Williams delivers a positive, energetic, motivational and fun program sparking curiosity and enthusiasm in students across the country. With his unique style and delivery of the message UBU, Tay Williams inspires students to be true to themselves while making positive decisions with others. As a professional Animatronic entertainer, a Master of Motivational Mime and motivational youth speaker, Mr. Tay incorporates character, leadership, and self-worth into his program. Mr. Tay’s captivating assemblies are bursting with comedy, creativity, interactive music, songs, and continuous student/teacher participation. Students enjoy Mr. Tay’s message that is refreshingly unique. He hopes the students walk away reassured that it’s ok to be themselves, thus the interwoven message UBU (Uniquely Being You). Mr. Tay’s techniques are simple, down-to-earth, and are designed to turn everyday people into remarkable individuals.


(800) 883-9883


Academic Entertainment
19909 78th Ave SE
Snohomish, WA 98296

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