Music, Technology, STEAM/STEM, Digital Music Production, Sound Composition, Sound Design. Music for Movie Trailers Production


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3-5, Middle school, High school




Media Arts


Virtual/Online Workshop $1595 half day/$2990 full day.
Up to 2 workshops per half day, up to 4 workshops per full day, 25-50 students per workshop. Each workshop is 50 minutes in length.

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883, email, or visit our website ( and fill out our request information form for date availability and prices.

Program Theme

Music, Technology, STEAM/STEM, Digital Music Production, Sound Composition, Sound Design. Music for Movie Trailers Production

Program Description

Brent Daniels brings the techniques and technology he uses to produce and compose music for some of Hollywood’s biggest movie trailers (such as Marvel’s Black Panther & Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time) to your classroom, virtually. Students join Brent in his studio LIVE Online!

Program content is variable depending on grade and experience level, making this workshop suitable for grades 4 – 12, accommodating students with no musical background all the way up to experienced musicians, budding music producers or composers interested in a career in music.

In a typical workshop for students with little or no musical training, Brent will:

1. Show students one or more of the trailers in which his music is used, and play the original music composed and produced for the trailer(s).
2. Break down sonic and musical components from his music which are synced by trailer editors with the film’s visuals.
3. Introduce the students to (or expand upon*) the concepts in sound design, composition and music production necessary for trailer music production and allow them to participate in creating some of the elements typically used in movies and their trailers.
4. Combine those elements to create a short example of a trailer-style music cue with student input.
*Having Brent’s Virtual Music Technology program for your school prior to, or along with the workshops helps lay the groundwork for concepts discussed and applied in the workshops, and is not required, but recommended.

Middle and High School music student audiences with some experience in music technology and production may benefit from a more customized or in-depth form of the workshop, which Brent can provide. They also may have advanced questions about the process of music production or careers in the music industry. Brent’s workshops are an excellent place to find answers and insight.

Works best with a normal classroom size group (25-50 students).


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