Theatre, Magic, Comedy, Illusions, STEAM, STEM, Science, Scientific Method


The Wacky Science Show (Academic Entertainment) – In-Person and Virtual Science Programs




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Science, Theatre




The Virtual Wacky Science Show: $895 or 2/$1395, AM/PM $1790

In-Person: $1195 or 2/$1795, AM/PM $2390

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883, email, or visit our website ( and fill out our request information form for date availability.

Program Theme

Theatre, Magic, Comedy, Illusions, STEAM, STEM, Science, Scientific Method

Program Description

More than twelve students will participate on stage putting science in their hands! In this school assembly with a focus on science, the wacky and zany presenter, Dr. Science, helps students learn about the Scientific Method in a simple and fun way with lots of magic tricks and some comedy too! Your students will crack-up at the craziness, but your staff and teachers will really enjoy the lessons, including Scientific Method, Physical Sciences, Math, Life Sciences, Air Pressure, Acids/Bases, Levers/Machines, Dinosaurs, States of Matter, Safety in the Lab, Bernoulli, Reactions between Chemicals, and more. Additionally, older students in middle school will learn Centripal/Centrifugal forces, kinetic energy, potential energy, inertia, connections in technology, and using chemicals in observations. Students will engage in kooky hands-on experiments and nutty tricks while learning lessons hands-on.

Virtual/Online also available!



(800) 883-9883


Academic Entertainment
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