The world is full of narratives, in stories, in songs, in how we experience our everyday lives. Alicia Quintano began telling her own stories when she was in 5th grade to her little sister in the middle of the night. Since then she has written stories and songs for performance and taught writing workshops across the country at diverse venues including colleges and universities; libraries; parks; schools; and arts festivals. Her goal as a writing teacher is to encourage students to take joy in tapping their own creativity and to share their stories with confidence when reading aloud.


Alicia Quintano Storytelling Performances & Writing Workshops




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Creative Writing, Storytelling


ELA, The Arts


$895/day’s residency; $500/half day; fee includes travel to most locations

Dates Available

Scattered through school year; call for calendar

Program Theme

Storyteller Alicia Quintano began telling stories when she was in 5th grade to her little sister in the middle of the night.  Since then she has traveled to 40 states performing stories and teaching writing workshops at diverse venues including colleges and universities; libraries; schools; and arts festivals.   A fable written by two students in her writing workshop at Lenape Elementary School in New Paltz, NY was published in the 2019 issue of Stone Soup magazine.

Program Description

Storytelling assemblies: “Travels with Pierre” — participatory stories and songs and a visit with Pierre, Alicia’s book- and travel-loving Koala hand puppet (K-2); “The Mysterious Stranger & Other Stories” a program of suspenseful tales and original humorous songs.
Writing workshops:  “99.9% True,” a workshop in writing from personal experience (gr. 4-adult); “Who Wrote the Whodunit? You did!” a mystery writing workshop (gr. 4-6); and “How the Leopard Got Its Spots,” a fable writing workshop (gr. 3-5). All workshops are offered in conjunction with Alicia’s storytelling performances.


(978) 281-6304


PO Box 752
Gloucester, MA 01931

News and Updates

After working with two third graders during a recent fable writing workshop at Lenape Elementary in New Paltz, Alicia received permission to submit their work for publication.  WHY FROGS CROAK IN WET WEATHER  has now been accepted for an upcoming 2019 issue of Stone Soup, an art and literary magazine for children under the age of 13.


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