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Author Visit: Heroes With and Without Capes




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


At a Distance, Character Education, Media Arts, Social Studies, Storytelling


Creative Writing, Social Studies, Storytelling


day rate: $3000 plus travel from Washington DC [I don’t fly business!]

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“In my almost three decades of teaching, I have heard a wide variety of internationally known authors, many of them award recipients. Marc was easily the most engaging and inspiring presenter I have ever heard. He held the rapt attention of the entire auditorium—students and staff alike. He is such a gift!”
—Adrienne DeMichele, Taipei American School, Taiwan

My multidisciplinary presentation (adjustable for any age) is a jaw-dropping epic revealing secrets uncovered and mysteries solved while researching my nonfiction books on the creators of Superman and Batman—riveting even for those who couldn’t care less about superheroes. The interactive story emphasizes persistence, challenging injustice, and sticking up for oneself and others. My approach motivates even the most reluctant students to read and embrace the adventure of research. The presentation culminates in not one but three big twists that show how, despite the odds, children’s literature—and any one person—can change the world.




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