This is a show about how kindness works much better than bullying. David draws from his own experience as a kid growing up in NYC in talking about this issue.


David Gonzalez, PhD – Storyteller, Musician, Educator, Diversity & Community Engagement Leader




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Music, Storytelling, Theatre


ELA, Health, The Arts


David generally asks between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on how many performances, and whether other proximal performance dates are on the tour. Block booking always helps keep fees down.

David offers a special rate for Capitol Region BOCES of $1,000 for one show, $1,600 for two shows in one day, and $1,800 for two shows at two different schools.

Dates Available

David lives along the Hudson, but also tours constantly, so dates can happen most any time he is not booked out of region.

Program Theme

This is a show about how kindness works much better than bullying. David draws from his own experience as a kid growing up in NYC in addressing bullying in his Maddog performance.

Program Description

This inspiring mix of world tales and personal stories addresses the culture of cruelty in our society. Through fables, myths, and stories from his own life growing up in a rough neighborhood, award-winning storyteller and educator Dr. David Gonzalez offers insights and strategies for cultivating compassionate relationships and communities. Performed with a brilliant comic spark, passionate intelligence, and impeccable timing, all of these shows inspire, delight, and deliver messages that speak to kids.

Workshops using storytelling, creative writing and theater to address compassionate action and mindfulness are available as part of Dr. Gonzalez’ Anti-Bullying Initiative.

For Teachers: Be The Change*: An Anti-Bullying Playshop*

Dr. Gonzalez uses his in-depth experience with meditation, performance, teaching, and arts therapies in an anti-bullying workshop that incorporates: storytelling, creative writing, mindfulness training, and theater games. Participants learn compassionate action practices across the “victim-witness-bully” spectrum.

*“Be the change” quoted from Mohandas Ghandi

David has several other shows reviewable on his website: School Shows and Workshops
Cuentos: Tales from the Latino World is really fun…kids love it.



(607) 435-2045


Sandra Peevers – Agent for David’s school performances
2929 NE Wilcox Avenue, Terrebonne, Oregon, 97760


David has shows for the very young right up through high school and college. He also offers workshops for teachers.


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