Recycled Arts, Design Thinking, Problem-Solving, Creativity, Character Creation, Creative Writing


Author/Illustrator Brian Yanish: Junk Re-Thunk-STEAM and Story




K-2, 3-5


Creative Writing, Visual Arts


Visual Arts


1 Assembly (for up to 300): $595*
2 Assemblies: $895*
Workshop (for up to 25): $495*
Full Day (2 Assemblies + 2 Workshops + Author lunch): $1150*
*Artist is based in Rochester, NY. For travel over 1 hour, host is responsible for travel + lodging. I often encourage more than 1 school in an area to book to share travel costs.

Dates Available

Open All Year: Please contact for specific date availability

Program Theme

Recycled Arts, Design Thinking, Problem-Solving, Creativity, Character Creation, Creative Writing

Program Description

45 minute assembly/presentation with slides and artwork that inspires kids grades K-6 to see the creative potential in everyday junk. Using his books Pirate Chicken, ScrapKins Junk Re-Thunk and The Build-It Book as guides, Brian show examples of transforming ordinary recyclables into art and toys, introduces students to the world of ScrapKins, talks about the steps to writing an illustrating a book and builds a junk creation before students’ very eyes!
• Meet creatures who build a world from things we throw away
• Learn my story from childhood drawings to published author
• See the benefits of Recycling & Re-use & STEAM thinking
• Explore how “Design Thinking” and making prototypes can solve BIG problems
• Give students the power to be MAKERS using the junk around them

Key questions you ask during your performance/workshop
• How can you see the World differently?
• Why is it important that we re-use what we have?
• Where do ideas for books come from?

Description of Workshop(s):
How you engage students in your art form?
• By prompting them with a challenge.

There are 2 Design Challenge Workshops based on Grade Level:
1. Grades K-2: Design a Creature from Junk and Tell Its Story
Students will work in teams of 2-3 students or as a class to design and build a creature from Recycled Materials. They will complete design worksheets that describe the creature’s abilities and habitats then they will create a simple story about a day in the life of the creature.

2. Grades 3-5: Design a Machine That Solves a Problem
Students will work in teams of 1-3 students or to design and build a machine from Recycled Materials that solves a problem. (It can be a simple problem like turning on a light switch or aspirational like a prototype for a machine that cleans the ocean.) They will complete design worksheets that describe the machine’s function and present their invention to the class.
*All schools will collect their own recycled materials ahead of the visit.




(917) 941-7431


44 Granite Drive
Penfield, NY 14526

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