Glass Harp Music is an educational performance focusing on the glass harp instrument.


Brien Engel – Glass Harp


Special for ’20-’21! Virtual/Distance Glass Harp Programming! 

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K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school



Music, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts


Media Arts, Storytelling


Varies by program

Dates Available

Year round

Program Theme

Glass Harp Music is an educational performance focusing on the glass harp instrument.

For Brien’s regular in-person program description, please scroll down.


Special ’20—’21 Glass Harp Distance Programming!


Brien presents a brand new half-hour concert and documentary: “The Glass Harp and other Musical Oddities,” in a distance learning package combined with live follow-up conferencing. The movie features a Glass Harp concert, interwoven with many educational segments covering sound physics, history of glass-making and glass music, how-to tips for aspiring glass musicians, examples of many other home-made musical instruments, and a segment on Benjamin Franklin’s invention, the Glass Armonica.


The movie will be accessible via secure link for either five days, or one half-day, to a school. Teachers may assign it as homework, or woven into daily instruction.
Included in the package are “Meet the Artist” sessions via Zoom, Google Meet, or your choice of platform during the access period. “Meet the Artist,” in addition to a Q/A opportunity with teachers and students, gives students a chance to make live musical requests. Teachers are welcome to customize the sessions in advance with Brien at no extra charge, to cover their topics of choice or current projects with students.


Link to download (or just watch) three-minute preview of the movie on Brien’s web site:
Link to the same preview on youtube:


Grade Levels: K-12, one school per package.
Technical Requirements: Internet connection


Total Fees (choice of packages):
•Five days/one school: movie access + two “Meet the Artist” sessions — $420.00
•One half-day/one school: movie access + one “Meet the Artist” session — $250.00


Regular In-Person Program Description

The Glass Harp Music program combines music, scientific demonstration, stories of the origins of glass and water-tuned instruments, audience participation, and a question and answer/musical request segment. While the focus is on glass music, strong emphasis is placed on the inventive process and the experience of building a musical instrument at home from everyday objects. Assemblies last approximately 50 minutes and can be shortened if necessary. School program study guides are sent 3 weeks prior to the visit.

* *SCIENCE: The program explores the science of sound and elementary physics related to sound and musical instruments, and various ways sound can be manipulated, especially in the example of water-tuned instruments.

* *HISTORY AND CULTURAL STUDIES: Students are exposed to examples of ancient Asian water tuned instruments, and to early water glass instruments played in Europe. A third historical/cultural segment woven in to the program involves specifically Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the Armonica, an advanced glass instrument for the late 1700’s.

* *MUSIC: In exploring the various ways a glass instrument can be assembled, students are exposed to the musical science of intervals and harmony. European classical music is played, as well as pieces composed for the armonica by Mozart and Carl Leopold Rollig. Other selections include Jazz standards, movie themes, Appalachian folk music, Celtic music, and popular songs.


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