Science and creativity make the impossible possible! (And funny)


Casey Carle – BubbleMania: Science, Art & Comedy!  ALSO: (Virtual) Bubble-Mania: The Wonderful World of Trapped Gas!




K-2, 3-5


Visual Arts


Science, The Arts


Fees Include All Travel Expense..
Single Show: $720 – $795
Double Shows Back-To-Back: $1050 – $1170 (Double Shows Split AM/PM: Add $200-$300)
Triple Shows: $1275 – $1360
Discounts Available for Block Bookings, Already In-Area and Near Future Dates.

VIRTUAL SHOW FEES begin at $495 Live-Stream and $645 to add 7 day “Rental Period”. Ask for details.

Dates Available

361 Days A Year

Program Theme

Science and creativity make the impossible possible! (And funny)

Program Description

LIVE: An extremely “pop”ular assembly that combines humor, music, 3-D art and natural sciences to amaze, amuse and inspire. Developed by Casey Carle, international, award-winning bubble performer with credits that range from Cirque du Soleil to The Smithsonian Institute. This show connects the dots between creative success and scientific know-how. Students K-6 learn how bubbles form, how to use simple tools to create jaw-dropping bubble sculpture at home (including a cube bubble), the science of bubble bursting, secret formulas and more. Includes trapping a student in a gigantic bubble and high energy, choreographed, artistic routines presented to jazzy music. Thousands of shows presented since 1990…with no end in sight!


Wash your hands to stay healthy! Good idea…but Why and How does soap work?? 
In “Bubble-Mania: The Wonderful World of Trapped Gas!” 30-year veteran educator and world-renowned bubble-ologist shares insights into the entertaining, delicious, practical and life-saving properties of bubbles that we all come across in our daily lives. From whipped cream to light bulbs, from fire prevention to virus protection.  
This virtual-only program is a hybrid of live demonstrations with pre-recorded routines from a successful stage career and professional TV pilot, along with short comedy skits featuring two bubbly hand puppets named Bubba and Larry!  A healthy dose of Q&A ensures a personalized program for every audience.
Plenty of humor helps the lessons stick…while giving kids the power to keep from getting sick!


(860) 484-3533


Casey Carle
PO Box 176
East Haddam, CT 06423


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