Music showcased from the Greater Antilles (Puerto Rico, Cuba & Dominican Republic)


Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school




The Arts


$2,000 – $4,000 (depending on distance & number of assemblies)

Dates Available


Program Theme

Music showcased from the Greater Antilles (Puerto Rico, Cuba & Dominican Republic)

Program Description

The hour long program consists of three parts; Lecture, Demo, Hands-On.
The first part, the Lecture, incorporates geography, Spanish language and history. The Afro-Caribbean instruments (ie. Bongo, congas, timbales, guiro, guira, maracas, tambora) are showcased. The origin, materials and function of these instruments are detailed and explained.
The second part, the Demo, incorporates the 12-piece band on stage, performing various rhythms such as the Cuban chacha, the Dominican Republic’s merengue and Puerto Rico’s plena.
The third part, Hands-On, is the most exciting part of the program for the students as at least 7 to 8 groups comprised of 7 students come on stage to perform a few musical bars on the Afro-Caribbean instruments that were showcased in the lecture and demo with the 12 piece band!
The Afro-Caribbean Arts In Ed Program presents and promotes diversity as musicians in the band are from Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico and from the U.S. and also encompasses Afro-Latino cultures, music, Spanish language, geography and history.


(518) 330-6917


228 Alexander Avenue, Scotia, NY 12302

Associated Acts/Performances

Skano Elementary / Clifton Park, NY
M.I.L Academy / Poultney, VT
Hamilton Elementary / Schenectady, NY
Shatekon Elementary / Clifton Park, NY
Woodlawn Elementary / Schenectady, NY
Martin L. King Elementary/ Schenectady, NY
Saratoga HS / Saratoga, NY
Keith Middle School / New Bedford, MA
Shen HS / Clifton Park
Mont Pleasant Middle School / Schenectady, NY/Performances


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