Barbara Slate – You Can Do a Graphic Novel, Comic Book, Meme, or Zine

Students learn how to create a graphic novel beginning with a six page comic. It doesn’t matter if they can draw. Stick figures are an expressive way for the reluctant artist to begin. Participants are encouraged to bring their sketchbooks and characters they may already be working on. They will learn about The Creative Process, how to write a Character Study, focus on the beginning, middle, end and twist of a story, and Create Layouts.

If the program is an assembly, Barbara talks though the program with on-screen illustrations of the process. The school is to provide a computer, projector and screen.

The Mopco Improv Theatre/Mop & Bucket Co.

We work with you to create an entertaining, all improvised show that meets your instructional agenda. Showcasing the main tenets of improv (be spontaneous, celebrate positive risk taking, accept and build with what exists, make your partner look good) our shows support your programs on anti-bullying, diversity and inclusion, or enhancing creativity. We also address core subjects using NYS standards as guidelines.