Kevin Kurtz – Nonfiction Children’s Author

Kevin Kurtz is a nonfiction children’s author who writes books about science and nature. Kevin engages students in a discussion of the science topics of his books and the process of writing nonfiction. Science topics that can be covered by Kevin and his books include:
– Habitats
– Adaptations
– Ecosystems
– Living things and nonliving things
– Oceans
– Scientists and the scientific method
– Geology
– Plate tectonics
– Volcanoes and Earthquakes
– Microbes

Dave Ruch – History Through Music

1) Traditional Children’s Game Songs, Stories and Singalongs (preK-1)
2) Neighborhoods and Communities (K-2)
3) World Cultures (K-6)
4) Native Americans – Iroquois or Haudenosaunee life (K-8)
5) Colonial America (Grades 2-8)
6) Westward Expansion and the Gold Rush (K-8)
7) The Erie Canal (K-8)
8) Regions of America (K-8)
9) Immigration to America (Gr. 3-8)
10) War of 1812 (Gr. 4-12)
11) Traditional Music of NYS (9-12)