Dave Ruch – History Through Music

1) Traditional Children’s Game Songs, Stories and Singalongs (preK-1)
2) Neighborhoods and Communities (K-2)
3) World Cultures (K-6)
4) Native Americans – Iroquois or Haudenosaunee life (K-8)
5) Colonial America (Grades 2-8)
6) Westward Expansion and the Gold Rush (K-8)
7) The Erie Canal (K-8)
8) Regions of America (K-8)
9) Immigration to America (Gr. 3-8)
10) War of 1812 (Gr. 4-12)
11) Traditional Music of NYS (9-12)

Diane Edgecomb – Storyteller and Author

One of America’s most beloved storytellers, Diane is known for transforming into the characters in her tales bringing each story to vibrant life. Her engaging performances include elements of theatre, movement and song while her warmth and invitation to participate brings today’s family audiences into the heart of the moment. Diane has been a featured storyteller on National Public Radio and at the International Storytelling Center. She is the winner of the ORACLE award for storytelling excellence in the Northeast as well as five Storytelling World awards and a Parent’s Choice Silver. Aside from her work as a storyteller, Diane is a published author avid gardener and bird enthusiast! She is also the author of “A Fire in My Heart,” the first collection of Kurdish folktales to be published in English.
Publisher’s Weekly called her, “an entire cast rolled into one!”