Ted Lawrence – Slapstick Science

We offer 5 different shows designed to excite kids to do more science. A) “Much work with Little Effort” teaches a unit about Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, & Simple Machines B) “Notion of Motion” teaches all about Newton’s Laws of Motion, hypothesis, scientific method, and units C) “Kiddie Chem 101” teaches about solids, liquids, gases & Chemical Reactions D) “Combustion – the Fire Safety Show” teaches the chemistry of combustion and what to do about it in real life situations E) “Flight” teaches how the Wright Brothers combined the scientific discoveries of other scientists during the previous centuries to attain human flight. It’s a unit about the physics of air combined with historical information.

Concrete Temple Theatre – The Bystander Project (adapted from James Preller’s anti-bullying book for youth, Bystander)

More than just a play, THE BYSTANDER PROJECT also serves as a vehicle for student discussion and a catalyst for getting students and communities to talk about difficult issues surrounding bullying. Concrete Temple teaches workshops to students on theatrical adaptations and storytelling. The play features walk on roles for student actors, and comes with a study guide to help foster discussion about the performance. Additionally, students are encouraged to give voice to their ideas concerning bullying issues.