DINOSAURS ROCK — Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Insects, Oceans & Shark Events

We offer 4 themed School Assemblies: DINOSAURS ROCK, OCEANS ROCK, GEMS ROCK and INSECTS ROCK.
Our mission is to exceed client expectations so we bring out expansive Museum exhibits, conduct highly interactive shows in an entertaining way, with an authentic, engaging learning experience. Students are part of the show, acting as scientists exploring and discovering through our hands-on show, hands-on activities, experiential approach while they learn about nature’s art!

Nick “Sunshine” Tokman from ‘Deadliest Catch’ – Become Your Captain. Catch Your Future.

Through storytelling, visual aids, self-reflecting questions, audience participation and facilitated discussion techniques, “Become Your Captain. Catch Your Future” redirects students’ attention from the negative influences and outside social pressures to focus on who they are and what they really want to do with their life.

Ellen Senisi – Ecosystem Connections with All in a Rainforest Day Book

How is a book created? How can kids get motivated and organized for writing? These questions are answered with the help of a spunky special needs child, an iguana, and lots of photographs.

Ellen Senisi, author and photographer of 18 books for young readers and former teacher, walks students through how a book is created and steps of the writing process. She shows the book creation and production history for her title All Kinds of Friends, Even Green while using a graphic organizer of steps to good writing. The book’s development is followed from the first scratch paper draft through writing, editing, and production to final printed copy. Along the way she emphasizes the importance of the creative process and editing. Her sub-themes are drawn from the featured book (which children can have free access to ahead of time) and include special needs awareness and pets as friends and inspiration.

The theme of the book aligns with the theme of the presentation as Moses, a boy with spina bifida, struggles with how to write about a friend for a school assignment.

Tom Varano — Emotion Into Art™

Emotion Into Art™ is an extremely unique Speed Painting/Inspirational speaking performance. This is a nationally recognized show with the goal of inspiring students of all ages to not only follow their dreams, but to follow their dreams with PASSION! The performance entertains and captures the students’ attention while the microphone allows Tom to speak a message of hope and encouragement into their lives.