The importance of education, fitness and self-motivation


Charles R. Smith Jr. – Award-Winning Children’s Book Author-Poet-Photographer-American Ninja Warrior




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Creative Writing, Visual Arts


ELA, The Arts


In-person visit: $2,500/day plus expenses (mileage from Wappingers, NY and hotel if needed) for 3 Presentations or Workshops or any combination of workshops and presentations totaling 3

Virtual Session: $800 for 1 session lasting 45 mins. to 1hr. or book 3 sessions at once for $2200 (sessions do not have to all happen on the same day but must be BOOKED the same day for the discount) *Platform for virtual sessions to be chosen by school

Program Theme

Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit for success

Program Descriptions

Group Presentation

This entertaining and educating presentation focuses on using the Mind, the Body and the Spirit to achieve success. I perform poetry from my books and show how I’ve used these three principles in my work. Using PowerPoint, I talk about my love of reading at a young age to develop the Mind. I then show how I used the power of the mind to help develop my Body to the point I was able to compete on American Ninja Warrior (yes, THAT American Ninja Warrior, season 9 in Cleveland). Last, I talk about where I get inspiration from to feed the Spirit and how all three are integral to success.  Since I have books from grades K through 12, I can tailor this presentation to each grade. Program duration is based on grade level, with 30 minutes for the youngest grade levels, up to 50 minutes for everyone else. A typical day is three group presentations. No size limit.

Writing Workshops

Stop studying poetry the old way (“What was the poet thinking here?” YAWN!) and learn to have fun writing it with my Power of Poetry workshop. Students in grades 3 and up (and faculty as well!) will learn to express themselves by focusing on the strength of individual words in this lively and engaging workshop. This workshop is limited to 25 students due to the participatory nature.

Photography Workshops

Learn how to make pictures and not just take pictures in this hands-on workshop. Students can use cameras or smart phones to learn the basics of photography by working in pairs to do mini-assignments. This is limited to 20 participants and students should be able to work in pairs.

Skype Visits

Thanks to the power of technology you can bring me into your classroom with a Skype Visit. I’ve done poetry performances and Q&A sessions with individual classes and large groups but I can also do a writing or photo workshop. A Skype session is 45 minutes to 1 hour. A Skype Residency would include multiple Skype sessions. This is often done with writing workshops. Visit my website, go to School Visits and click the video to see how a Skype session could work.

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