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Darren Sardelli is an award-winning poet who makes poetry fun and meaningful to young people. He knows and understands how to get students and educators excited about poetry. His relatable topics and surprise endings, mixed with interaction and humor, keep his audience engaged and entertained. Darren has spoken at over 1,000 schools where he’s transformed reluctant readers and writers into poetry fanatics. His poems have been featured on Radio Disney, in popular books on the Scholastic Book List, and appear in 25 children’s books in the U.S. and UK.



Author Visits – Assemblies & Writing Workshops


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1 assembly – $850 / 2 assemblies – $1,250 / 3 assemblies – $1,500

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The entire school year

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Empowering Poetry Assemblies & Writing Workshops

LAUGH-A-LOT POETRY – Assemblies & PARP Presentations

Darren Sardelli is an empowering poet and author who makes poetry exciting for young people. His assemblies are interactive, engaging, and very funny. Younger students act out poems with Darren, figure out poetry riddles, and learn how to express themselves in positive ways. Older students discover easy ways to put ideas in motion, make their writing stand out, and learn how to empower themselves with words. They’ll be motivated to read and write poetry, start an idea book, and think in a creative direction.

BUILD-A-POEM WORKSHOP – Writing Workshops

Are you looking for something that builds confidence, enhances creativity, and teaches a valuable skill? Darren Sardelli’s BUILD-A-POEM WORKSHOP does all this and more! Students learn how to paint pictures with words, make writing more descriptive, and write poetry that stands out. Darren demonstrates how to put ideas in motion and gives students the tools they need to feel good about writing poetry.

THE POWER OF WORDS! – Assemblies for TEENS

Darren Sardelli’s middle school and high school assemblies are designed to motivate, educate, and demonstrate the incredible things that can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. His real-life stories connect with and captivate young adults. Through self-belief, determination, and dedication to his craft, Darren transformed himself from an unlikely writer into a professional poet. He shares his passion with students and shows them how he created a career with words.

ADVENTURES IN RHYME – Introduction to Poetry (Pre-K, K, 1st)

ADVENTURES IN RHYME is an interactive poetry show that teaches PRE-K, Kindergarteners, and First Graders about rhythm, rhyme, and poetry. During this action-packed presentation, each poem requires some type of participation or activity. Students sing poems with Darren, figure out poetry riddles, and dance to the rhythm of his rhymes. It’s a wonderful way to introduce poetry to young people.

FAMILY NIGHT – The Funny Poetry Show

Get ready to laugh at Darren Sardelli’s hilarious poetry! This award-winning poet and children’s book author shows children and their parents the cool side of poetry. Darren’s relatable topics, shocking twists, and surprise endings, mixed with interaction and humor, keep everyone engaged and entertained. Participants will have multiple opportunities to participate in various ways. It’s a wonderful way for families to connect. Giggles guaranteed.

LAUGH-A-LOT POETRY – Virtual Assemblies

Just like in his in-person assemblies, Darren brings poetry to life with his enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for writing. He’s developed new ways (in this virtual world) to effectively interact with students while keeping them interested and engaged. His relatable poems, lighthearted humor, and inspiring messages not only generate positivity, but also help his audience understand the power of words. This assembly motivates students to read and write poetry, start an Idea Book, and think in a creative direction.


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