Music Composition and Performance


Darryl Johnson II *The Composition Experience*




Middle school, High school


At a Distance, Character Education, Media Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts


Music, Social Studies, Visual Arts


$450-$850 for live appearances only
$3500-$5500 for projects involving commissions

Dates Available

Spring 2022 and 2024-2025 school year
Digital events available year-roundThis course is available at a distance

Program Theme

Music Composition and Performance

Program Description

The Composition Experience allows your band and/or orchestra students to work with a living composer right in your own classroom.

Most music students spend an entire education in music playing from sheet music with distant, disconnected names in the upper right-hand corner. For all of the many opportunities available to modern students that provide experiences in performance, music history, music technology, and music literacy, we have yet to see advancements that bring content creators into the reach of performers at the scholastic level.

The Composition Experience is an academically focused experience project designed to provide music educators with the means to bring life to that distant, disconnected name and provide their students with a fresh, integrated understanding of how the music they perform and listen to comes to them.

While music educators frequently seek out such opportunities to include in their academic planning, cost and accessibility are often insurmountable obstacles to providing experience-based forays into music composition. It is the goal of The Composition Experience to help in providing this last dimension of the music education process in a practical and accessible manner in order to create personal experiences that students can take with them for a lifetime regardless of their ultimate career paths.



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