Basic Story Crafting; Improv


Jason Edwards – Destination: INSPIRATION InterACTIVE StoryCrafting Adventure!




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Creative Writing, Storytelling, Theatre




$295.00 for a single performance; $695.00 for a full day of programs; $1995.00 for a week of unlimited performances and venues.

Dates Available

Any date or time, all school year

Program Theme

Basic Story Crafting; Improv

Program Description

Engage – Empower – Educate!
in this riotously entertaining program that is as limitless and creative as children’s imaginations!
Children of all ages and levels of ability don’t just watch the show – they JOIN IN
in this interactive, improvisational adventure that fosters imagination and builds creative writing skills.
Kids LEARN BY DOING as author Jason Edwards teaches the fundamentals of storycrafting by drawing upon the students’ own inspirations to collectively create and act out a story – right there on the spot!
Children of all ages and levels of ability can create characters, choose settings, advance the plot, and make up dialog in this interactive, improvisational adventure because no reading or writing skills are required for the assembly program.
Whimsical props and slapstick humor abound as Jason acts out the group’s story, and he guides the participants with prompts, hints, and encouragement when it is time for children to produce dialog or determine the next event in the plot. Virtually any child can take part in this activity due to the clever scripting and the astounding improvisation skills of Mr. Edwards, author of the frighteningly funny bestselling series, Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency.
For children ready to delve deeper in the story crafting arts, Jason follows up that program with writing workshops in which children build upon the concepts touched upon in the assembly performance and are guided through the process of creating their own amazing stories!
Jason has performed at over 100 schools, libraries, and book festivals, including recently as the keynote performer at the Solomon Schechter Young Writers Workshop, where Jason’s improvisational skills, madcap antics, and gift for engaging young audiences received overwhelming acclaim.
The assembly program is designed to accommodate a wide variety of ages and numbers of participants. It lasts one hour, or can be fit into 40 – 45 minute class periods, and can be performed in any size venue at any time of day.


(914) 437-7628


PO Box 513
Ardsley, NY 10502

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