Dance, Diversity in Dance, World Cultures, Hip hop, globalization, cultural exchange


Diversity of Dance (Academic Entertainment) Virtual and in-person performance, virtual dance classes




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Health, Social Studies, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


Dance, Physical Education


In-person assemblies: $1695 or 2/$2295, AM/PM $3390
Live online/virtual assembly/webcast: $995 or 2/$1495, AM/PM $1990
Pre-recorded virtual/online dance class: $795 or 2/$1195 for one style, or choose all 5 styles/classes for $2895
Live virtual online dance classes: $795 or 2/$1195

Dates Available

Various Dates. Please call 800-883-9883 or email to inquire about dates and potential discount dates for your area.

Program Theme

Dance, Diversity in Dance, World Cultures, Hip hop, globalization, cultural exchange

Program Description

This interactive dance assembly exposes students and youth to the impact of globalization and the power of embracing cultural diversity through dance and entertainment. Students will watch and participate in thrilling dance performances.

Tracing through Jamaica, South Korea, Latin America, and India, the Diversity of Dance School Assembly teaches students and youth the creation and transformation of Hip Hop Dance throughout the world. Students will be inspired through participation to push boundaries and embrace diversity.

Diversity of Dance explores the globalization of hip hop; how it has changed throughout history and how it has been influenced by different cultures. Styles of dance discussed and demonstrated include Hip-Hop, Bollywood, K-Pop, Dance Hall, and Reggae.

This program reinforces cultural awareness, music, dance, and arts-in-education curriculum. The full 45-minute assembly is broken into sections by country (Jamaica/US, South Korea, India, etc.) and then subsections within each (Lecture, Performance, and a Dance Lesson).

Dancers and size of team will vary depending on location. Two dancers minimum.

Virtual/Online/Webcast assembly and dance classes also available!


(800) 883-9883


1495 SW Lost Trail Drive
Pullman, WA 99163

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