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ELA, The Arts


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September to December 12th / March 23rd  to June 30th


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Program Theme


Program Description

DRUMMING ABOUT YOU engages entire school groups, pre-kindergarten to grade 5. Students take away phonetics-based skills to create music. With their hands around curious drums and percussion instruments, they partner with Bob to play legendary songs with endearing beats and joyous melodies. DAY offers school assemblies, classroom sessions, residencies, student-featured performances, and out-of-school-time activities. Bob presents professional-development workshops for educators and professional providers.


(860) 429-9280


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Associated Acts/Performances

DRUM BUCKETS / grades 4 to 8

Kids energize music on common household buckets with their hands around a curious variety of drumsticks. They team with Bob as he leads legendary songs that rock. They take away inspiration and skills to enjoy playing music out-of-school-time with their friends, families, caregivers, and communities.

“Drum Buckets” meets State and National Standards in the arts and sciences.


DTR teams students to work together as high-energy music groups. It’s an experience of success that creates the “I Can” mindset. Kids echo Bob’s rhythmic speech patterns to play on hand drums as he leads the beat and sings energetic rock & roll, funk, world, and boogie tunes.

Kids take away skills to innovate drumming rhythms that they can enjoy at any time. They’re enabled to join in with their favorite music, rap, dance, and movement with their friends, families, and caregivers.


DRUM DOGS / grades 3 to 6

DD energizes students as members of “Drum Dog Teams”. A breed of “Drum Dog” is the team’s focus. The breed has a positive “Power” such as ’Search and Rescue’. The students collaborate to write imaginative short stories in which their Dog solves a problem. To develop public speaking skills, kids democratically elect “Team Leaders” to read their Team’s story aloud.

Bob teaches the Teams how to innovate spoken language patterns to create their own “Drum Dog Rhythm” that they perform for each other on hand drums.


MAKE IT, SHAKE IT, TAKE IT / grades K to 6

As an activity to learn about music, students make a Brazilian-style, shaker instrument called “ganza” that they keep. The session also teaches scientific properties such as mass, density, and volume. All of the construction materials are provided. Kids collaborate to make their shakers. Educators assist in the process. With their new instruments, the students and Bob play songs with joyous “Samba” rhythms.


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