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Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company AIE Programming




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school




Science, Mathematics, The Arts


AIE performances by ESDC: $2,000
Creative Movement Workshops: $200
Creative Movement Story Hours: $100
One day to full-year residencies

Dates Available

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Program Theme

The Arts and Curriculum based

The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company offers unique and vibrant creative movement workshops and theme based performances to young people from Pre-K through high school.

To encourage and enhance a young person’s virtual learning experience, our action filled short videos can be designed for students to do on their own or while under the guidance of an adult. Our creative movement workshops expand a student’s understanding of the art of modern dance and offer an exciting kinesthetic learning experience for topics within their school’s curriculum.

In addition, these workshops, whether presented in-person or online, can be developed to work in conjunction with our specially designed educational performances: Celtic Footprints, Choreophysics, Dance by Chance, From the mind of a single long vine, one hundred opening lives, If Books Could Dance!, Undercover Playground, and Science in Motion.

Our educational programming includes an ongoing partnership with Saratoga Performing Arts Center to expand their Classical Kids Program that introduces middle school students to the world of classical ballet and other dance forms. We are also one of the contributing artists to their virtual Learning Library. Our programming also consists of in-person and online videos appropriate for individuals with special needs.

A link to a sampling of our videos is provided:

Movement Workshops (Recommended Grades: All K-12) Fee: $200 – in person or online
Discovering movement through creativity and a child’s imagination introduces a unique and lasting learning experience.
Overview: Held on their own or in conjunction with a performance by the company, ESDC’s workshops are designed to nurture the creative potential of each student. In-person workshops are taught by two ESDC teaching artists accompanied by a percussionist.  Creative movement workshops create kinesthetic learning experiences for students to deepen their understanding of curriculum taught in the classroom. 

Design Your Own Workshop Series: ESDC is happy to work with teachers and administrators in creating a new program, catering to your school’s curriculum and goals. Workshop ideas may include Social Studies, Math, and Science, or any other idea you have!


Science in Motion (Recommended Grades: K-5) Fee: $2000
Bringing Science to life!
Overview: An interactive program that brings study of water, birds and their habitats and animals to life. ESDC performs selections from its repertory as well as inviting students to join the dancers on stage to join in the exploration.

If Books Could Dance (Recommended Grades: K-5) Fee: $2000
Celebrating classic children’s literature through dance.
Overview: Exploring literature, poetry, creativity, and visual art with movement, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company brings books to life.  These captivatingly creative dances incorporate the stories of Kobi Yamada’s What Do You Do With an Idea, poetry from Jack Prelutsky’s Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant, and Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.Student participation is interwoven into the experience of enhancing literacy through movement.

Undercover Playground (Recommended Grades: K-5) Fee: $2000
A site specific outdoor performance.
Overview: This site specific work is created exclusively for your school playground with dancers utilizing the equipment in unexpected and fun-filled ways.  As an additional treat, it is performed with live musical accompaniment. This playful performance is outside and outside-of-the-box! The space offers each audience member a unique perspective and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the dance and the dancers.

Dance by Chance (Recommended Grades: 3-6) Fee: $2000
A fun, interactive show integrating math with dance.
Overview: This interactive program mixes math with movement, matching learning to fun!  Our wacky emcee asks the audience math questions in an engaging way, leaving pencil and paper behind. The show teases their brain power, enhancing classroom learning in fun and unique ways. A few lucky students will have the opportunity to join the dancers on stage and spin The Wheel of Chance, determining what dances the company performs. 

See the Dance! (Recommended Grades: All grades, K-12) Fee: $2000
A program that displays how movement can be used to communicate.
Overview: Favorite works from the company’s extensive repertory will be selected based on your school’s needs and interests, areas of study, or curriculum.  Performances show how creativity and movement capture thoughts, ideas, actions, emotions, images, and concepts.

From the mind of a single, long vine one hundred opening lives (Recommended Grades: 6-12) Fee: $2000
Collaboration of dance and visual art that tells the timeless stories of all communities.
Overview: Inspired by African-influenced wood sculptures created by craftsman Jim Lewis, Ellen Sinopoli’s acclaimed masterwork unites dance and visual arts.  The dance follows a community of people through the universal aspects of childhood, leadership, conflict, death, and healing from within. Through movement, we encourage students to think about their role in the global community, working together to create a better place.

Movement Story Hour (Recommended Grades: PreK-3) Fee: $100
A program introducing literacy through movement.
Overview: Reading from the company’s library of children’s books, the teaching artist incorporates creative movement to enhance the reading experience.  Children are given the opportunity to become a part of the story and find a love of reading!

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