Musical Theatre performances based on literature, historical figures, or environmental themes.


Encore Performing Arts – Flying Ship Productions




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Music, Musical Theatre, Theatre


ELA, History, The Arts


2 person show: $1000/$1400

4 person show: $1400/1950

Dates Available


Program Theme

Musical Theatre performances based on literature, historical figures, or environmental themes.

Program Description

Flying Ship Productions presents elaborate musical theatre performances, with original music, scenery, costumes, and choreography.

“WINTER WONDERLAND” is inspired by the characters of Lewis Carroll. Four actors follow Alice as she discovers a multicultural awareness of charity and acceptance.

“THE FOOL & THE FLYING SHIP” is a Russian fable performed by 2 actors, who portray dozens of zany characters.

“PUSS IN HIGHTOPS” is a classic French tale with a contemporary twist. Two actors present the story of loyalty, kindness, and friendship about the adventures of a hip, streetwise cat.

“THE COURAGE TO DREAM: THE LIFE OF BEN FRANKLIN” brings the charm, wit, and wisdom of this famous statesman to life. Two actors use the musical styles of the 1700’s.

“ROSA’S RIDE: THE ROSA PARKS STORY” is presented by four actors, and follows the struggles of a young girl through the indignities of prejudice to discover her strength of conviction, as a simple act of civil disobedience gives birth to the civil rights movement.

“DOUBLE V” parallels the lives of a Jewish family in Poland and a Black family in America during the turbulent years from 1939-1964 in a historical 4 person musical drama about hope, healing, and gratitude.

“FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN”, A classic African folktale, a young shepherd boy, searches for his sister and learns life’s lessons of character, honesty, courage, and love in this 4 person musical theatrical program.


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