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African-American, Health, Multicultural, The Arts


2 person show: $1000/$1400

3 person show: $1400/1950

Dates Available


Program Theme

Multicultural dance presentations

Program Description

The Okra Dance Company presents 2 person dance performances of various cultures around the world with an emphasis on the African American Heritage.

“Journey Into Africa” -Take a fascinating excursion from Senegal to Soweto through the traditional rhythms, instruments, and dances that are an integral part of everyday African life. Three talented performers offer a rousing and colorful presentation, full of audience participation, bringing to life a culture that has profoundly influenced us all. Workshops and residencies can also be arranged.

Programs available include:

AMERICAN DANCE FROM AFRICA TO BROADWAY takes the audience on a fun-filled journey through the evolution of popular American dance from its African roots and European influences to soft shoe, tap minstrel, and social dancing culminating with the Broadway and club dances of today.

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE tours Africa, Poland, Asia, the Caribbean and other nations around the world through the social dances that reflect each culture. Two versatile dancers perform the African Yembala, Chinese Sword Dance, Israeli Dodish, Tango, Jitterbug, and more, in a fast-paced, colorful production.

RHYTHM DANCES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, tour Mexico, Greece, Hawaii, Japan Italy, and the Caribbean. Enjoy the rhythm and cultures of these lands in this fast-paced colorful production. Formerly Dance, Dance, Dance II.


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