Are you an Arts Coordinator?

From the artist page, click contact artist. This form will initiate an email conversation between you and the artist. Here you can work together with an artist to figure out dates, times, topics and other details of their presentation.
You can book an artist in one of three ways.
  1. Click the link in the email exchange that was initiated through your contact artist form. Your program request form will auto-fill from this link.
  2. From the artist page, click the request artist button. This form will auto-fill the artist details.
  3. Click the program request form from the top menu of the website.
  4. For Questar III and Washington-Saratoga-Warren -Hamilton-Essex BOCES, choose the appropriate BOCES from the list and a link will be provided with request details.
Yes. Fill out a program request form and submit. You can then work directly with your BOCES administrator.
Yes. Using the Advanced Search options, you can easily select a program based on these criteria.
Eventually, your program will appear on our online calendar, but feel free to check in with your BOCES administrator if you need confirmation.
You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your form.
You can still use the online form to request a program. Simply leave that field on the form blank.
We now decide the arts or enrichment designation based on the way the program will be used to enhance your curriculum.
This is not a required field on the form. If your school does not require approval, then simply leave this field blank. By submitting a booking request form, you are providing authorization for BOCES to charge your district for the cost of the program and the coordination fee. If you are unsure if your district requires additional authorization, please reach out to your local administrator.
You can check the Exploratory Enrichment calendar for your local BOCES.
BOCES will pay the artists after the program visit.
BOCES will bill your district after the program visit.

Are you an Artist?

From the top menu, choose the get listed link. You will need to fill out some basic information, submit and then BOCES will approve and send you a link to create your page.
Once you receive your link, log in and follow the easy, step by step form. Once you are finished, BOCES will review your site and then make it live.
Double check that you have followed the photo size specifications below.
  • Banner Photo:
    • Ratio: 16 x 3 – The Banner Photo is the long and narrow photo at the top of your page. In many cases, it is best to choose a decorative image without words. Like a Facebook cover photo. Recommended size: 1600 x 300 pixels.
  • Thumbnail Photo:
    • Ratio: 6 x 4 – The Thumbnail is your program’s ‘iconic’ image. It will be displayed in association with the title and description of your program on the home page. This can be your program logo, an illustration or a photo of you in action. Recommended size: 600 x 400 pixels.
  • 4 Optional Program Photos:
    • Ratio: 6 x 4 – These are the photos that showcase your program, seen lower on your artist profile. Recommended size: 600 x 400 pixels.
All new and updated profiles will need to be approved by BOCES. Expect changes to be approved in less than 24 hours
We want to be able to approve all new and updated profiles before they are published on the site. Many times, we can make minor adjustments and improvements to the photos and other parts of the layout before they are published to make your individual artist page look its best.
Yes. We encourage all artists to include video on their artist page so that schools have a better idea of what your performance is all about. There is a special box when you are setting up your page to add video. If you want to add it later, log in, edit your profile. Links can be added in the text block just below “Book Artist. Hover in that box until you see the green box appear, click the pencil and add. Don't forget to click “save” and then “update” before you leave.
Yes. There is a space provided on the page set up.
Anyone who has a link to your profile or knows of the directory can access your artist profile. Our booking functionality applies only to the 5 BOCES listed as part of this service.
Yes. Simply log in and click “edit page”. Remember that BOCES needs to approve all new profiles and profile edits.
Simply log in and click “edit page”. Hover over photo until the green bar appears, Click the pencil icon. Another window will appear with your picture. Click the picture, a grey bar appears with another pencil. Click that and edit your photo. Make sure you save any changes and click update. BOCES will approve your edits and publish.
Newest artists are listed at the bottom of the home page. The Featured Artist section randomly generates a new group of artists each time the home page is accessed. You will be up there at some point.

Are you a school district?

Yes. Each artist is required to provide 2 letters of recommendation and video proof of performance.
We would recommend checking our calendar to see which artists schools have booked.
All submission forms have a field to enter emails that will route forms for approval. When you receive the email asking for approval, simply follow the instructions regarding who to contact at your local BOCES in order to approve the submission. Please make sure you copy your arts coordinator on the reply so that they are kept up to date on the status of their request.