Square Dance – America’s National Folk Dance / Builds Community


Foot and Fiddle – Square Dance




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school




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Workshop/Residency Fees
$100 per 45 minute workshop maximum 25 students per session
$150 per 45 minute workshop maximum 50 students per session

Family Square Dances – for the whole school community
2 hours @ $500

Dates Available

Various dates available throughout year

Bryant Park Square Dance with 700 New Yorkers

Long Island residency Channel 12 News

Family square dance PS101Q

Program Theme

Square Dance – America’s National Folk Dance / Builds Community

Program Description

Square Dance Workshops/Residency: Learning and dancing go hand in hand as students explore why square dancing has been a popular social dance since Colonial times…because it is fun! Square dancing develops listening skills, partnership and teamwork. Students experience a traditional American art form that fosters a sense of community and teaches respect for themselves and others. Dancing together builds community and friendships. Square Dancing develops social skills helping students learn how to prevent bullying in their school community through kindness and respect for others. The historical roots of square dancing offers ideal connections to colonial history and social studies topics. Meets Common Core Standards in English Language Arts: Comprehension and Collaboration.

“Family Square Dance” offers the entire school community an opportunity to experience the joy and fellowship of American country dancing. Square dancing has been popular in America for centuries, because it is FUN! Square dancing is America’s national folk dance! Square and Line Dance instruction is given with a minimum of confusion and a maximum of fun. Combining a Family Square Dance with a Square Dance Residency reinforces the learning and social experience. Dancing together builds community and friendships while teaching respect and kindness.


(845) 753-6950


115 Johnsontown Rd
Sloatsburg, NY 10974

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