Our concert program “Place” explores geographies, languages and musical /cultural traditions from all over the globe, featuring original and traditional music from our 5 pieced ensemble. West African dancing can also be added to the performance.


Heard World Music and Dance




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Dance, Music


ELA, Health, Science, The Arts


Our multi-media interactive concert program featuring the Heard Quintet begins at $1200 for a single performance.

1-5 day residencies include workshops in West African drumming, dancing and world music traditions.

Contact for pricing.

Dates Available

Throughout the school year.

Program Theme

Our concert program “Place” explores diverse geographies, languages and musical /cultural traditions from all over the globe, featuring a fusion of original and traditional music from our 5 piece ensemble. West African dancing can also be added to the performance.

Program Description

“Place” takes the original music of Heard and brings the audience somewhere special and distinct in each piece– like the crowded bustle of an Accra open-air market (Market Song), the inside of an Adirondack red cedar tree, (Red Cedar Sleeps), a winding wintry boulevard in Montreal (Cotes des Neiges) or the summer streets of Brazil. (Danca Verao) Through narrative storytelling around our compositional inspirations, we explore cultural, geographical and environmental dimensions of other countries and places.

Heard musicians include: Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius, keyboards, Jonathan Greene, woodwinds, Bobby Kendall, bass, Brian Melick, percussion, Zorkie Nelson, percussion. All members sing!  Dancers include Augustina Nelson and Fosino Nelson.

Breakout workshops in world percussion, dance, visual art, and creative process complete the residency experience.

Our special Earth Day themed “Eco-Concert” infuses our show with environmental and nature themes.

Some feedback from a recent Earth Day themed residency:

“A heartfelt thank you to Heard for the wonderful Earth Day experience! Their vision of bringing together a multi-faceted creative experience connected to the wonders of nature was a huge success!”–Kelly Magoolaghan, Susan Odell Taylor School, head

“The audience was captivated during the Earth Day “eco-concert”—the combination of narrative, musical performance and slide show was very effective at getting the students both thinking and feeling about the ecologic themes.”–Kelly Magoolaghan, Susan Odell Taylor School, head

“The musicians of the group “Heard” brought their contagious enthusiasm into our school, along with their knowledge of world cultures and music—all of it made for a very unique spin on celebrating Earth Day. It was inspiring and led us to a place, through the arts, of wonder, excitement and deep respect for our planet.”–Kelly Magoolaghan, Susan Odell Taylor School, head


Some of the schools/libraries/museums we’ve performed for include:

Troy School 14, Troy, NY
Troy School 2, Troy, NY
Van Rensselaer Elem, Rensselaer, NY
Lake George Elementary Lake George, NY
Samaritan Children’s Center, Troy, NY
Susan Odell Taylor School, Troy, NY
Paige Elementary, Schenectady, NY

Robert C. Parker School, East Greenbush, NY
Abram Lansing School, Cohoes, NY
Salem State College, Salem, MA
ACC, Queensbury, NY
HVCC, Troy, NY
College of St. Rose, Albany, NY
World Awareness Children’s Museum, Glens Falls, NY
Guilderland Public Library, Guilderland, NY
Albany Public Library–Arbor Hill and Delaware Ave. branches

Silver Bay YMCA Resort

Camp Chingachgook YMCA camp


(518) 260-4969


9 Whitman Ct.
Troy, NY 12180

Associated Acts/Performances

Brian Melick–world percussion player/presenter

Zorkie Nelson–Ghanaian drumming/world percussion player/presenter

Jonathan Greene–jazz/classical/world woodwinds player

Augustina Nelson–Ghanaian dancer/percussionist

Fosino Nelson–Ghanaian dancer/percussionist

Red Canna Trio


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