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Heather E. Schwartz – Author Visit




K-5, Middle School, High School


Creative Writing, Financial Literacy, Music, Nonfiction


ELA, The Arts



Travel/Mileage: No charge within 30 miles of Burnt Hills, NY. $1.00 per mile if over 30 miles from Burnt Hills, NY.

Dates Available

Throughout the school year

Program Theme

Interactive and engaging author visits that bring creativity to life!

Program Description

These are a few of my programs! I’m happy to work with you to create something that fits into your curriculum. I’m always coming up with new ideas!

Talk Show
Want to know more about me? Let’s stage a talk show! Kids play the hosts, and I’ll answer preplanned questions (and spontaneous questions, too!) about my career. As a writer, I get to learn about everything and experience a little bit of everything, too. Like visiting a new Disneyland park before it even opened. And getting the Wreck-it-Ralph 2 script before the movie came out. Authors have interesting lives – let’s talk!

Nonfiction is My Math Problem
When I write a nonfiction book – and I’ve written more than 70! – I have to think about the overall word count, word count per spread, the number of spreads, the number of sidebars, how long it will take me to complete… just a ton of math! Budgeting is a big deal for me as a freelancer, too. I’d be happy to share how numbers figure into my writing life!

The Six-Word Story
Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-word story really inspires me. And kids of all ages love it, too. What’s it about? Is it really a full story? How do our imaginations fill in the blanks? Let’s talk about it, and create our own microfiction, too

What’s Your Super Power?
My passion in writing is telling true stories about unsung heroes. What makes a person a hero? What makes a story worth preserving for future generations? These are important questions to consider, but we’ll also focus on the students here. Everyone has a superpower. What’s yours? And how can you write that story?

Songwriting – Together!
Take some lyrics, put them to music, and what have you got? A song! This program guides kids to stretch their imaginations, believe in themselves, and create as a group. We’ll sing together, work through a process to make up some original songs, and learn about musical structure (and the ukulele) along the way.


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