Homespun Community Dancing (in-person & virtual) – World Folk & American Square Dancing with Live Music




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Dance, music, storytelling


The Arts,  English Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education



$570 for a half day; One full day: $885; Two full days: $1,740; Three full days: $2,385; Four full days: $2,940; Five full days: $3,600

Evening family Dance: As part of a residency $570.  As a standalone $645

NEW VIRTUAL PROGRAMS for the 2020/21 School Year

Two separate videos are available for grades pre-K to 2 and grades 3 to 6

Dance The World Around preview:

Length: 48 minutes

Fees:  $175 – $500, depending on length of time the school plans to use the video

Dates Available

Year round

Program Theme

Traditional American and Multicultural Community Dancing and Music With Student Participation

Program Description

Our dance workshops are well-suited addendums for elementary school students and middle & high school language students interested in learning more about their chosen culture. Homespun Community Dancing workshops can include dances from Latin America, Spain, Quebec, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Africa, Asia, and more than 50 other countries/cultures around the world. These dance and music workshops can also be integrated with history and geography units.

Peter Davis, Paul Rosenberg and George Wilson have been leading elementary and high school daytime workshops and residencies in traditional community dance and music, and playing for family and community dance evenings since 1994. Their repertoire consists primarily of contra, square and international folk dances accompanied by lively reels, jigs, polkas and waltzes. Their music and dances transform even the most adamant, grimacing youngsters declaring “I will never dance” into smiling dance-lovers asking, “When is the next dance?” All three are multi-instrumentalists. Instrumentation includes fiddle, banjo, clarinet, pennywhistle, recorder, piano, ukulele, guitar and mandolin. Together they have performed and taught in over 600 schools around the Northeastern United States.


Family Dance Evening


One of our most popular offerings, the Family Dance, is a school-wide community celebration that involves everyone. Students, parents, siblings, teachers, and administrators spend an evening dancing in time-honored traditions from around the world. If the evening is presented as the culminating activity after a school residency, students will be able to help teach their parents the dances they learned during the day.



(518) 482-9255


Paul Rosenberg/Homespun Community Dancing

538 Providence Street, Albany, NY 12208

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