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$900 for a one day residency, $1,200 for a school assembly performance by 4 dancers

Dates Available

October, 2018-June, 2019

Program Theme

Japanese Culture Through Dance

Program Description

Sachiyo Ito will introduce the culture of Japanese through Japanese dance, based on a belief that dance is a mirror of a culture, reflecting arts, history, social life of a people. Considering the world is getting closer as a global village, understanding different cultures of the world, and ultimately for a good friendship among different ethnicity is vital.
Students will learn basic manners as related to dance such as how to bow in a traditional manner, basic step, and a dance, titled Sakura. Children will learn how to express the beauty of spring flowers using dance fans, which will be provided as well as 5-6 kimonos for volunteers who wish to try on the traditional dress.
Also, Sachiyo Ito will offer a concert program of Japanese classical dances by her dancejapan ensemble. The program will include Kabuki dances from the 18th century and demonstration on the style, gestures, and use of dance fans.


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