The program invites students to step back in time, (1960’s) and engage with the book through music, art, and storytelling. The story addresses subtle messages of friendships, community acceptance, respect, collaboration, forgiveness.


John W. Nassivera – Front Porch Storytelling






Character Education, Creative Writing, Storytelling


ELA, Storytelling


During the month of September & October 2019:

Cost: $750


  • Receive 50 paperback copies of “Chain Links, We’re Better Together and 50 download music cards (additional books & cards can be purchased by school)
  • Books and download cards are to be given to students
  • Download card provides one download of the complete album of 19 songs
  • Maximum of 4 classroom visits. Each presentation approximately 60 minutes (maximum of 30 students per presentation)
  • Flexible in designing visits that adjust to meet individual school’s needs
  • School agrees to distribute book order forms to all students, offering students/parents the opportunity to purchase additional books

I am open to Customized Visits as well.

Travel and lodging to be provided for any visit more than a 100 miles drive from New City, New York 10956.

No recording of author presentation without the permission of the author prior to scheduled presentation. Still photos are welcome.

Dates Available

Dates available for the months of September- June 2020

Program Theme

Help Me Provide Book Ownership to Students

Program Description

Book Set to Songs

“Chain Links, We’re Better Together”

Step back into 1960’s and engage with the book through song, art, and storytelling. The story addresses the subtle messages of friendships, community, acceptance, respect, and collaboration.

YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and More

Author Visit for Grades 4 – 6

I believe my stories will support a literary approach to empowering your students in creating community and a culture of kindness. My visits explore how literary works can provoke actions from readers to help others. The power of a story is magnified when it is shared.
The program is an interactive presentation through illustrations, songs written specifically for the book, and author narration.


(845) 709-2870


16 Surrey Court, New City, New York 10956


“Wonderful book that’s funny and poignant at the same time…This is a perfect middle-grade novel for both boys and girls. Featuring the antics of three boys who are best friends as they try to win a bicycle contest in 1964, the book is hilarious at times, but also has some subtle lessons to teach. It will beautifully show young readers today how integrity was developed during an era gone by. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Book Review

“I would like to offer my recommendation of Mr. John Nassivera as a presenter to students from the perspective of both author and educator. I am confident that John will serve you as a dynamic and professional presenter, reaching his audience at their level. From my interactions with Mr. Nassivera in the last three years that I have known him, he has demonstrated that he is extremely vested in the education and enrichment of students.” – Michael McTague, Principal, Hudson Falls Intermediate School

“I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. John Nassivera. Upon entering my classroom for the first time, John presented himself with the utmost professionalism who showed patience, kindness, and respect toward my students. His style of presentation is engaging and thoughtful with a focus on empathy and community. John has been gracious in making sure all student voices are heard and respected as they work through various writing components together. He shared his journey as a writer and tasked my students with writing chapter titles and chapter endings for his second book; many of which were chosen for final publication. His time spent in my classroom has inspired future authors to be part of a larger writing community.” – Melanie Healy, 4th Grade Teacher, Hudson Falls Intermediate School


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