Build real working robotics and other STEAM projects at home, using everyday stuff! BOTS, Paper Inventions, Musical Inventions, and more.


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Author Kathy Ceceri — Low-Tech STEAM Activities




3-5, Middle school, High school


Science, Visual Arts


Science, Media Arts, Storytelling, Visual Arts, ELA


Contact me for costs of live virtual hands-on workshops and/or pre-recorded workshop videos.

All workshops include:

  • an overview of the topic featuring sample projects from my books
  • step-by-step demonstration of one project to do at home
  • printable instructions online
  • links to educational sites with information for further exploration

Dates Available

Year-round. Check my schedule for availability.

Program Theme

STEAM enrichment — crafts-based engineering, electronics and coding books and projects from award-winning author and educator Kathy Ceceri!

Program Description

Kathy Ceceri BOTS workshop

Award-winning author Kathy Ceceri now offers live and pre-recorded online hands-on workshops!


Students learn design thinking, practice problem-solving and troubleshooting, and exercise their creativity with hands-on engineering and electronics challenges using everyday stuff!

Online workshops based on Kathy’s books include:

  • BOTS! — Learn about the systems that make up different kinds of robots, then create a Walking Paper Dog from an index card (grades 2-5) or a Paper Fin Gripper from heavy paper. (grades 6 and up)
  • Paper Inventions — Create amazing math models like the Mobius strip, the hexaflexagon, and the dragon curve fractal using just paper, scissors, tape, and markers! (grades 6 and up)
  • Musical Inventions — Learn the physics behind sound and music by making your own instruments from drinking straws, string and paper cups, and other common materials! (grades 2-8)
  • Fabric and Fiber Inventions — Learn how fabrics are made, then upcycle an old t-shirt into a handy tote bag (grades 2-5) or drawstring backpack (grades 6 and up). No sewing needed!

Looking for at-home teen tech workshops? Ask me about programs like these:

  • At-home workshops that teach students about circuits while making light-up art and wearables! (Requires dollar-store devices to recycle, or supplies can be provided.)
  • Learn to program a virtual robot or make classic-style video games using free online software such as MIT’s Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode!

Kathy also offers online professional development workshops that help educators incorporate Maker activities into their classroom or library using skills and materials they already possess!

Girls with ArtBots

BOTS Walking Robot Dog

Programmable Pals



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