Build real working robotics and other STEAM projects at home, using everyday stuff! BOTS, Paper Inventions, Musical Inventions, and more.


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Author Kathy Ceceri • Hands-on STEAM!
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3-5, Middle school, High school


Science, Visual Arts


Live and pre-recorded hands-on workshops available. Contract me to discuss fees.

All workshops include:

  • step-by-step demonstration of one project to do at home
  • printable instructions online (don’t forget my books!)
  • links to educational sites with information for further exploration

Dates Available

Year-round. Check my schedule for availability.

How to Teach At-Home STEAM Workshops with Maker/Author Kathy Ceceri – Empire State Maker Faire

Watch my session for educators to see samples of my online projects!

Program Theme

STEAM enrichment — crafts-based engineering, electronics and coding books and projects from award-winning author and educator Kathy Ceceri!

Program Description

Award-winning author Kathy Ceceri now offers live and pre-recorded online hands-on workshops!

Students learn design thinking, practice problem-solving and troubleshooting, and exercise their creativity with hands-on engineering and electronics challenges using everyday stuff! Program options include:


Online STEAM Workshops for Kids

60- or 90-minute hands-on workshops for home or classroom!

  • BOTS! — Learn about the systems that make up a robot with projects like a Walking Paper Dog, Paper Fin Gripper, Pencil Pressure Sensor, or Motorized ArtBot! (Grades 2-7)
  • Paper Inventions — Create amazing math models like the Mobius strip, the hexaflexagon, and the dragon curve fractal using just paper, scissors, tape, and markers! (Grades 6 and up)
  • Musical Inventions — Learn the physics behind sound and music by making your own instruments from drinking straws, string and paper cups, and other common materials! (grades 2-8)
  • Fabric and Fiber Inventions — Learn how fabrics are made, then upcycle an old t-shirt into a handy tote bag (grades 2-5) or drawstring backpack (grades 6 and up). No sewing needed!

Teen Tech Workshops

90-minute workshops that teach electric circuits and/or coding!

  • Light-Up Wearables and Decor — Sew a fun mask or headband with lights, or make an Infinity Box (with a secret compartment). Programmable option available!
  • Design Your Own Buzzing Operation Game — Choose a theme, design the board, and build the electric circuit that makes it work! Requires a recycled box and inexpensive electronics (kit available).

Robotics Courses for Kids and Teens

Five-session courses that cover the basics of robotics with hands-on projects.

  • Build BOTS  — Explore the systems that make robots work and build a working robotic prototype in each session!
  • MakeCode Cardboard Robots — Learn a new mechanical and programming concept in each session, then use it to design and build your own programmable robot! (Requires a BBC Micro:bit or Adafruit Circuit Playground Express; kits available.)

Professional Development

Learn how to teach hands-on STEAM projects at home!


BOTS Walking Robot Dog


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