History: Ancient Egypt/ American Revolution/Civil War/Immigration/Renaissance/Pioneers/Women’s Rights/One Room Schoolhouse/Colonial Life


Kit’s Interactive Theatre




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Theatre, Dance, Storytelling


The Arts


Virtual Shows:  $600 for one; $800.00 for two; $1000.00 for three
If you book more than one virtual program, they can be shared on different days and even different months.  The discount still applies.
Live Zoom Meet Q and A – $75.00 per character

Live show: $900 for one show; $1200 for two shows; $1350.00 for three shows
Travel is included.  (Can perform up to three different shows in one day)

Dates Available


Virtual shows available:  Grades 3-8: The American Revolution, Women’s Rights, Journey of an Irish Immigrant and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt  Grades K-2: Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and Mother Nature.  A great option is to personalize your show by adding their the teachers into the movie.  It’s fun, easy and takes only a few minutes for teachers to participate.  The students love seeing their teachers in the show.  See video below for details.

Program Theme

Schools may select from an array of programs that span 4000 years of history: The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, Our Civil War, Pioneer Travel on the Oregon Trail, One-Room Schoolhouse, Journey of an Irish Immigrant, The Industrial Revolution’s Gilded Age, Women’s Rights, Mother Nature, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Grace the Pirate, The Royalty of the Renaissance, Vikings in Vinland, The Sleepy Hollow Halloween Show and The Mrs. Claus Holiday Show.

Program Description

As the Northeast’s premiere interactive performer, award winning actress Kitty Jones combines continual audience participation with history, music, improvisation and her signature period dance in each performance. Students and faculty are cast right into the show!
Developing her unique style of interactive theatre since 1987, Kitty combines her passion for history and love of theatre to create 16 different high-energy, interactive shows that ignite the imagination and leaves everyone talking about the programs long after she’s gone.  For a more detailed description about each show, visit her website @ www.kitsinteractivetheatre.com.


(570) 476-5612


P.O. Box 43,  Sciota, PA  18354

Associated Acts/Performances

Kit also serves as a leading voice for one of the world’s most widely played video game.  She writes, choreographs, and performs all her own material for Kit’s Interactive Theatre.


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