Nonverbal communication: Mime,dance, music character,theater.Themes include reading and perseverance for success and overcoming obstacles in life.


Komotion Movement Theater




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


Health, The Arts


$375 one show; $700 two shows, same school, same day

Dates Available

Fall and Spring 2018-2019

Program Theme

Nonverbal communication: Mime, dance, music character, theater. Themes include reading and perseverance for success and overcoming obstacles in life.

Program Description

A performance with KO-MOTION interlaces the movement arts of mime, dance, music and physical theater. Based in nonverbal, universal communication, the performers express through their bodies what words cannot. The depth of visual and emotional textures and use of literal and abstract images offers a wealth of creative and expressive inspiration with a mix of serious and comic pieces. Programs are selected for the appropriate level: K-12. The aesthetic concepts using elements of space,time,focus & energy as well as dynamics, intent, body awareness & creative expression are the tools of craft. These are explained in the show and are explored in depth in workshops and/or residencies. The goal is to present a high level of artistic inspiration and to foster self esteem and creativity. A study guide with pre-show and post-show material is provided. The main character uses a HOW TO Book to help him accomplish his goals and to learn new skills through trial and error thus emphasizing the importance of being able to read and follow directions. Playing many different musical instruments, juggling, mime illusions, and dance with a hat all through a Chaplinesque character provides a insight into the world of a silent physical comedian and his process of learning new skills that can last a lifetime.


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(518) 674-8715


7 View Ave
West Sand Lake, N.Y.12196

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