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RiverJack Z – Making music with RiverJack Z




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Creative Writing, Music


The Arts


Price varies with number of sessions/wkshps and type of program. Typical day/3 wkshps=$875

Dates Available

Available year round.

Program Theme

Making music with RiverJack Z

Program Description

During a songwriting session, students explore the craft of songwriting by writing and recording a song that is uniquely their own, based on a theme or curriculum-related topic. They work cooperatively to form a musical composition by: brainstorming ideas, writing lyrics, composing a melody, and gaining personal experience with the creative process. The song is then rehearsed and recorded, and the school receives an Mp3 recording containing the students’ song (as well as an online version to share with families) plus a whole lot more!
During a music video session, students explore the craft of creating a music video by lip synching to their original song and acting out various lyrics while being filmed and directed by Jack. The footage is then taken back to Riverside Studio where, during post-production, it is transformed into an MTV-style video. The school receives an Mp4 recording containing the students’ music video plus a whole lot more!
Multi-instrumentalist, multitasker RiverJack Z uses live recording “loop” technology to achieve a full band sound by layering percussion, bass, acoustic guitars, keyboards, harmonica, and vocals. The list of instruments and sounds is always growing!
Jack sometimes brings along one of his bandmates to help with the songwriting!


(518) 423-6576


357 Route 32N
Schuylerville, NY 12871

Associated Acts/Performances

The Zucchini Brothers
The Tick Brothers


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