The Life of an 18th Century Child


Marilee Urbanczyk – 18th Century Living History Presenter




Grades 3-9, or special ed, History Club, Scout groups, home-school groups






Negotiable, generally $400-$600 range per day depending on # of sessions

Dates Available

Flexible during typical school year and dependent on indoor or outdoor location

Program Theme

The Life of an 18th Century Child

Program Description

18th Century Living History Presenter brings to life what it was like to be an 18th Century Child.  Typically held on school grounds (inside or out), Marilee’s “traveling museum” incorporates four main components:  (1) Chores at home; (2) Education via a Dame School; (3) Clothing worn by Children in the 18th Century; (4) Toys and Games.   Each component involves some degree of hands-on interaction for the students.  An extensive assortment of historical artifacts and reproductions accent all four components.  The presentation can be conducted outside on school grounds, or in a specially designated indoor space.  The program can be tailored to 40-minute or 90-minute sessions or other requested time frames. Minimum of 26 students preferred.  Other specialties could include Quill Pen & Ink workshop, or candle-dipping workshop




Text: (518) 779-0239


535 Oak Hill Road, Averill Park NY 12018

Associated Acts/Performances

Presenter conducts each session in first person as an 18th Century Dame School Teacher. Presenter is dressed in 18th-century clothing.  As a group, students will play at guessing games associated with 18th-century careers and period objects found at school and at home. They will learn about manners, what to bring to school, who gets to go to school, discipline at school, as well as trying on clothing and testing their skills at 18th Century toys and games, to name a few.


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