How I became an internationally published New York Times bestselling author through Growth-Mindset
Mark Cheverton – How I became an author through a Growth-Mindset experience – VIRTUAL presentation




3-5, Middle school


Creative Writing




Full day appearance – $600

    • (3) 1-hour VIRTUAL presentations
    • bookmarks for all students

Single appearance – $250

    • (1) 1-hour VIRTUAL presentations
    • bookmarks for all students

Multi-day appearances

    • Multiple presentations on different topics
    • bookmarks for all students
    • $250/presentation, discount for 3 or more

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Here’s one of my online writing tips. You’ll have access to all the lessons after we work together. This lesson is on sentence structure, and how it can be used to increase tension in a story and keep the pacing interesting.


How I became an Internationally Published New York Times Bestselling Author – a Growth Mindset talk VIRTUAL presentation

Program Theme

How I went from public school teacher to research physicist to New York Times bestselling author, and all the failures along the way – a Growth Mindset talk.

Program Description

As an ex-public school teacher, I understand the challenges and difficulties our students face, and dealing with failure is a big one. I’ve written 24 action/adventure novels for kids ages 7-15, each one set in the digital world of Minecraft, but I did not get there without my own share of failures. My main talk shares with students the many failures I had to endure before seeing any success as an author. These failures were not fun, but the lessons I learned from each were invaluable and made it possible for me to become an Internationally-published  New York Times bestselling author. I want to share these experiences with your students, and get them excited about writing their own stories. I’ll show your students the writing resources I’ve developed for them as well as a safe place for them to post their stories so other kids their age can read and comment on them in a safe and controlled manner, giving them the much-desired Authentic Audience. In addition to the Growth-Mindset talk, I have numerous VIRTUAL presentations on story-writing pedagogy:

  • Story Brainstorming – Help me figure out my story.
  • Storytelling Strategies – How to you make a page-turner?
  • Effective Dialogue – How do I write exciting and realistic dialogue?
  • Plot Construction – How do I outline my plot so my story is exciting and captivating?
  • . . . numerous other subjects, jusk ask.

I can do full-day VIRTUAL appearances, or just one class, or even a multi-day VIRTUAL workshop to focus on storytelling strategies and self-publishing your class’s book. You can see more information at I’m looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibilities.


(518) 727-5389


21 Clemens Drive Mechanicville NY. 12118

References and Reviews:

Louisville Public Schools,

February 16, 2020

Mr. Mark Cheverton has inspired hundreds of students in our school district as well as inspiring me as a writing teacher. When I met Mark four years ago, I was struggling with how to motivate my fourth and fifth graders to write. Even though I had taught for over twenty years, I needed a spark to get excited about the writing curriculum. I am so thankful to have been able to partner with him. Mr. Cheverton is full of ideas, is amazing with kids, and is reliable in every way.

Mark Cheverton is not only a New York Times Best-Selling author he is also a visionary that is full of motivating ideas to get kids writing. His writing videos are published on his website and they are free and easy to access. As a writing teacher, I am able to conference with one student while the other students work independently. They often access Mark’s videos to help them in their writing when I am not available.

Skyping with Mark is one of the highlights of the students’ year. He gives them so much valuable information, but then he is open and patient when they have questions for him. When students send their stories to Mark, he responds to every single one of them. He gives them a compliment and then gives them ideas to make their story better.  This motivation has been the turning point for struggling writers.  They cannot wait to send their stories to Mark and get a note back from him.

Mr. Cheverton has been reliable in every lesson, meeting, and project. We have made four books together out of my students’ writing. This lifelong keepsake would never have been possible without Mark’s vision and assistance. He was available to help at any time and he is always quick in his responses.  I always knew he was an email or Skype call away.

I highly recommend Mark Cheverton to work with any school that needs a spark for their writing program.  Our school board, administration, and community have been so impressed with the work that our students are doing in writing after working with Mark. He has truly been an inspiration to all of us!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. My email is


Kristi Holl

4th/5th Grade Writing Teacher

Louisville, NE  68037


February 18, 2020

Ember Nelson Louisville, NE 68037

My name is Ember Nelson and my son, Eli is in Mrs. Holl’s 5th grade Language Arts class at Louisville Elementary in Louisville, NE. Eli was introduced to Mark Cheverton and his work last year when he was in the 4th grade. At the time, Eli was into Minecraft, so he was naturally drawn to Mark’s work. Mark has been providing writing guidance to Eli over the last couple of years. Eli enjoys the skype calls/emails from Mark and has gained a lot of writing knowledge from him. Eli describes Mark as funny, entertaining, and helpful. Mark has helped Eli understand the sequencing of his stories and how to grab the reader’s attention and sustain it throughout. Mark has also taught him the meaning of writer’s block and how to overcome it. He also reads all of the kids’ stories and provides feedback. I find that very impressive and I know that has been a huge motivational factor for Eli. Eli has a wild imagination and loves to write fiction stories. He has been writing a class story since the beginning of the school year and his current word count is at 13,260 words! He is using many of the techniques taught by Mark and is flourishing as a young writer.

I feel Mark’s passion for writing and teaching has contributed to Eli’s love of writing and for that I’m thankful.

Sincerely, Ember Nelson


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