Photography basics with emphasis on composition, lighting and storytelling.


Mary Beth Daloia, Introduction to Photography




High school


Visual Arts


Visual Arts


$600 per three day workshop for one class.

Dates Available

Monday through Friday

Program Theme

Photography basics with emphasis on composition, lighting and storytelling.

Program Description

I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer with 30 years of experience. My three day program will is geared towards high-school students and will focus on photo-based image making for story telling, communication, creative expression, personal exploration and digital output.
Day one focuses on why photography is important and the fundamentals of photography with an open discussion and questions encouraged. It will also cover the basics of what makes a “good” photograph: composition, light, perspective, etc. NOTE: It will not cover technical aspects such as shutter speed, aperture, and iso as this class is geared to students who will be using their phones to take photos.
Students will be given an assignment to do when they get home which is to take a photo and to incorporate what they learned on the first day.
Day two we will be going out as a group on the school campus and students will take several photos based on what they learned on day one. Students are asked to select their favorite two photos for review on day three.
Day three. Students will air drop their photos to my laptop and watch and listen as I edit to enhance the photo in Adobe Lightroom. They will be able to see what can be done to make a good photo into a great photo. NOTE: If the school has Adobe Lightroom on student computers, They will airdrop their two best photos onto the computer and they will edit the photo themselves with me assisting.




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