Motivation, Adolescent Personality Development, Life Values, Dance, Musical Theater, Character Education, Music, Writing, Workshops/Residencies


New York Institute of Dance & Education – Sean McLeod




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Character Education, Creative Writing, Music, Theatre


Dance, Media Arts, Physical Education, Storytelling, Theatre


$2,500-$8,000 depending on program, length of stay, personnel, and single lecture versus residency or cluster booking. We look forward to working with your district to bring an inspiring vocabulary of diversity, inclusion, and motivation to your school. We will make something work for you and your budget.

Dates Available

Call and we will discuss dates. We have availability throughout the 2019-2020 school year presently.

Middle School Motivation –
Tolerance of Others Through Movement –
Next Step Musical Theater Project –

Program Theme

Motivation, Adolescent Personality Development, Life Values, Dance, Musical Theater, Character Education, Music, Writing, Workshops/Residencies

Program Description

Motivation, Adolescent Personality Development, and Life Values are taught to students through movement and conversation with McLeod Technique®. Over the past 30 years, Sean McLeod has developed a harmony between movement and life lessons that seem to challenge everyone within earshot to tangibly look at their actions and evaluate whether they are givers or takers. With expert storytelling from theater skills and the teaching of personal and family responsibility from Mediation and Advocacy, students as well as teachers get tangible lessons in handling their feeling, fears, and anxieties that are often brought to school or develop in school over time. Because of the method employed by Sean and the NYIDE team, students gain an increased ability to interact with each other in a healthy manner and return to self-restraint and acceptable behavior that is reminiscent of students from 50 years ago. This is an all encompassing multiple level Character Education, Non Bullying, Personal Responsibility, and Public Behavior Program. It can reset all the behavioral and negative patterns in a school building at once. A full building restart.




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Undoing the Bully:
“Undoing the Bully” is an incredible tool in the fight to making school communities safe. Leading audiences by using his life stories growing up black, poor, and even being a male dancer – at a time in which “boys dancing” could destroy your public school status- Sean gets you to the real talking points. Simple conversation, easy understanding, and clear action steps are his trademarks.

MT Motivational Speaking:
Through Personality Development and Emotional Development, delivered through consulting, lecturing and motivational action sessions, Mr. McLeod and Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting Facilitators address interpersonal conflicts that impede progress and performance in schools, and specific to your school. The greatest strength of this approach is assisting administrators in conceptualizing solutions for their specific challenges, while openly addressing problems and solutions with students, parents, and teachers as well.

In the Footsteps of Harriet: A School Discussion on Diversity:
In the Footsteps of Harriet, we share insight, teach conversational vocabulary for cultural differences, and provide an emotional walking path to elevating conversations of color, gender, race, and access. The final outcome? You may never have the right answer to every racial or ism question, but you can always be walking in the right direction, you can simply follow the footsteps left for your benefit.

Sean McLeod – Tour on Self Esteem Through Movement:
Teaches Self Esteem through Physical Master Classes which include instruction in McLeod Technique, Reinforced Motor Function (RMF), MT Afro Hip Hop, Martial Arts Principals, and Training For Athletes (TFA) to keep male athletes engaged.

Tolerance of Others Through Movement:
An interactive lec-dem that we (New York Institute of Dance & Education and Reaching or Higher Ground Consulting) have brought to schools all over the state and nation for over 25 years. It is engaging for all teachers, students, and administration and it aims to change the culture of a school building in a non-intrusive way – through movement! Why does it work? Because movement is something everyone can feel uncomfortable doing, regardless if they are a mover or not! It puts everyone on the same page and allows conversation to begin from the same page. It teaches students through comedy and analogies to show what it means to be tolerant and acceptant of those that are different, and the incorporation of movement also ties the workshop into health and wellness and character education goals that need to be addressed in the elementary setting already

I Am the Author of My Own Life Story:
This workshop is an unique approach to emotional development powered by the arts including: music, dance, and comedy, critical writing sessions, and a tangible life skill development process using direct and fear reducing participant conversations called “Talk arounds”. The workshop include: Conflict Resolution, Personality Management, Emotional Exploration Tools, Self-Help Module Training, Personal Responsibility Implementation Program. It also includes: Custom Designed Performance Construction: including choreography & movement orientation, music, personal story script design, group writing socialization skills.Associated Acts/Performances


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