The wind quintet Quintocracy performs classical repertoire from the Baroque to the present, as well as pop and jazz tunes. The quintet’s members are flutist Melanie Chirignan, oboist Kelly Lockwood, clarinetist Michael Dee, hornist Kathryn Svatek, and bassoonist Sue Daves.

Quintocracy proposes to present multiple 30-40 minute performances. These will comprise:

 a pre-concert talk, about the works on the program, which can include discussions about:
 the composers
 how the works fits into history
 what was fun/challenging about putting the piece together
 the form
 ways to bring the audience closer to the music
 the performance
 several contrasting works
 these could include collaboration with one or more teachers
 a Q and A session.

In addition, we propose to hold workshops, on topics that the band teacher would like to address, such as tone and intonation, articulation, phrasing, etc. Additionally, members can work with individual sections or players, or hold masterclasses.

During this pandemic, we have the ability to, among other things:

 stream the concert
 with Quintocracy members socially-distanced, but in one location
 (subject to COVID-19 limitations, and availability of appropriate performance locations)
 email packets ahead of time, to help students prepare for the workshop
 listen to master classes/workshops through Zoom.

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