-Building a safe school environment Anti-bullying/ character Presentation Programs


Report Bullying – Character Building/ Anti-bullying Assembly Programs includes assembly and follow up (character education exercises, online reporting, surveys…)




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school, Parents, Teachers


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Varies- depending on number of assembly programs. Package rates available. Multiple school package rates and discounts.

Dates Available

365 days/ all year round

Program Theme -Building a safe school environment Anti-bullying/ character Presentation Programs

Program Description

PARENTS- this compliments the student assemblies and faculty training thus strengthening the cooperative work of students, teachers and parents in maintaining a safe respectful community. Parents will be guided to reflect on how their parenting style affects their children’s confidence, assertiveness and ability to solve problems.

ELEMENTARY K-Gr2, 3-4 Caring and sharing are the cornerstones of friendship/ when students care and share with one another= easier to speak up about bullying. Gr 3-4- more content on character building and bullying.

MIDDLE/HS students at this age desire more independence. Capitalizing upon this desire, this assembly highlights how independence is earned by demonstrating good character and to respond to bullying in their community. Role of the bystanders. HS receive in-depth on forms of bullying –cyberbullying, harassment incl.

FACULTY Teacher’s Role will emphasize the numerous opportunities faculty have to influence the behavior and character of students. Will learn more about their role in eliminating bullying and keeping students motivated to take a stand against any form of disrespect. OTHER PRODUCTS Ballot box program/ Report bullying on line program/ Step by Step Program link/ Mentoring Program/ Surveys / James Jordan, Author, President of 1-866-333-4553


(866) 333-4553


611-3401 Weinbrenner Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2G 7K6

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