Multi-lingual songs from around the globe.


Robbi K.




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


At a Distance, Music, Storytelling


The Arts


$950 Osebo’s Drum, $1750 for KTB & SOF

Dates Available


Program Theme

Multi-lingual songs from around the globe.

Program Description


KEEP THE BEAT: A high energy, interactive concert with an emphasis on how people all over the world are connected by music, history, and daily interaction. Teaching Artist Robbi K chants in Yoruba, hums Zulu folk songs like Mbube, dances to the Latin clave rhythm, and sings in a reggae style to celebrate l’chaim. Robbi K interacts through call & response singing in 5 languages.

OSEBO’S DRUM: Parents’ Choice Award winning storyteller Robbi K’s spirit is clearly contagious. Drumming, movement, & chanting set the scene for Robbi K to unfold this witty traditional tale of a little turtle who outwits the fierce leopard and is rewarded with a shell. Robbi K moves about constantly interacting with the audience as she acts out several different characters. Osebo’s Drum can is performed by Robbi K alone,or with/ a percussionist.

Robbi K has won multiple Parents’ Choice Awards and offers professional development workshops for educators while performing for more than 60,000 children each year.

SONGS OF FREEDOM: Songs of Freedom – a concert commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s speech to America.

Songs of Freedom is an interactive, multi-media, a cappella concert presented by dynamic vocalist who use harmonic artistry, poetry & movement – embodying the nation’s quest for freedom.”



(610) 419-6399


1468 Olivia Ct. Bethlehem PA 18017


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