Bulllying, Cyberbullying and Suicide Prevention


John Halligan – Ryan’s Story Presentation




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$1800 for one performance
$2500 for two performances
All expenses are included

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Program Theme

Bulllying, Cyberbullying and Suicide Prevention

Program Description

My son’s life story affects students like no other presentation. This true story inspires them to make positive changes in their lives to reduce bullying, cyberbullying and prevent teen suicides. Students are reached profoundly to examine themselves and how they treat others. Bystanders are inspired to no longer stand by and let others get bullied at school or online. A potent lesson about forgiveness is also imparted. All will leave this presentation feeling loved, hopeful and changed.

This assembly program does not get into the specifics of the suicide nor does it express an overly simplistic connection between bullying and suicide. I always make the point that I believe that in the end, my son died of an illness called depression that tragically went undetected and untreated. Bullying was probably a contributing factor, but there was an underlying mental health issue, too. I emphasize to students that if you ever feel suicidal or have a friend you believe to be suicidal, immediately seek help from an adult. I have received numerous compliments from school psychologists about how well I address both bullying and depression and the delicate intersection of both issues.

The student presentation is age appropriate for grades 5-12 and is approximately 75 minutes or about two consecutive class periods. It takes about 45 minutes to tell the story. Then the students are given a brief stand and stretch break. For the remaining time, they are allowed to ask questions. The Q&A is an essential part of the presentation in which issues are clarified, and very important lessons are processed. I also offer a 60 minutes option if needed.


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