Reading, Creative Writing


Sarah A. Sarjuprasad, Author and Creative Writing Instructor




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Character Education, ELA, Storytelling


Creative Writing, Storytelling


Storytelling: Single Presentation (max 125 students, typically 45-60 minutes): $550
Full Day (max 4 presentations, unlimited students): $1,300
Writing Workshops (max 20 students due to personalized interaction):
4 hours – $800, additional hour +$150
Travelling fees will be added if your destination is over 2 hours of driving one way.

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This course is available at a distance

Program Theme

Reading, Creative Writing

Program Description

As a Columbia University graduate with a degree in Creative Writing, I can teach students writing skills that are academically aligned and approved, while being a step ahead of their current curriculum.
As a former ENL/ELA high school teacher preparing students for Regents exams, I have practical experience with helping students to successfully learn.
With the above, and as a self-published author who works directly with my illustrators, I present a very intriguing presentation.

My presentation consists of the following parts:

1. Pre-reading Q&A to develop interest and preliminary insights into the story/stories about to read using posters of my book covers and prediction type questions.

2. Reading of the story, preferably with an electronic visual display for students to see and follow along.

3. Electronic visual presentation of the illustration process using actual illustrations from the stories from draft to completed illustrations.

4. Post-reading and illustration presentation Q&A.

My writing workshops consist of the following:

*Teaching story building blocks, such as setting, character development, plot, and theme.
*Incorporating techniques to develop the story, such as using speech/dialogue to show personality/inner thoughts, using changes in setting to progress story, and using choice words to paint pictures in readers’ minds (the ‘show, don’t tell’ technique).
*Students will be able to write rough drafts and receive personalized assistance and feedback.

I am open to other ideas that are in alignment with writing and storytelling. Feel free to make your suggestions known to me! Let’s plan an informative and fun time for your students!

Reading guidelines for each of my picture books can be downloaded for free from
These guidelines contain each story’s themes, vocabulary words and phrases, and pre-reading and post-reading discussion questions.

Recommendation letters from Principal Dr. Shelley Baldwin-Nye and Librarian Erin Shoudy, both of Glencliff Elementary, can be downloaded via




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105-61 135th Street
South Richmond Hill
NY 11419

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