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Seagle Music Colony: In-School Opera




K-2, 3-5


Music, Theatre


The Arts


$450 all-inclusive fee

Dates Available

For 2020: September 10 to October 9

Program Theme

The Three Bears

Program Description

Seagle Music Colony is the premier opera and musical theater producing company in the Adirondacks. Our touring troupe will consist of four professional opera singers and a professional pianist who will perform live in your school for your students.

For 2020, we will be presenting THE THREE BEARS, sung in English and presented in a production suitable for young audiences (preK-6). This new children’s opera was written by composer and librettist Jonathan Stinson.

In this version of the traditional fairy tale story, much remains the same. Goldilocks is wandering through the forest and comes upon the house of the three bears – Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. The Bear family is out collecting honey so Goldilocks enters the house, sits in their chair, eats their porridge and sleeps in their bed. The Bear family returns to find Goldilocks asleep, but she escapes – leaving behind her favorite blue ribbon. It is not long before Goldilocks returns to try to retrieve her ribbon – but this time she’s disguised as a Chicago Bear. Although the Bear family has never heard or seen of this kind of Bear before, they welcome her in and offer her a sandwich with peanut butter and  honey. When Goldilocks says she is not a fan of honey – her cover is blown and she is chased back out of the house. All Bears love honey! She returns a third time disguised as the Bear family’s neighbor – Little Red Riding Hood. The Bears welcome her once again, but she’s found out when she asks to try on the blue ribbon and exposes her golden hair. Before the Bear family kicks her out a final time, Goldilocks apologizes for entering their house without permission. She tells them it is her dream to have a home like theirs because she doesn’t have a home – she’s an orphan. Feeling sympathy for her situation, the Bear family welcomes her in to stay for as long as she’d like to.

Included with your booking is a professionally created TEACHER GUIDE that enhances your students’ opera experience with information about the performance and the operatic art form, as well as worksheets and activities to integrate your students’ opera experience into their regular curriculum.

Our artists will bring their fully staged and costumed opera TO YOUR SCHOOL. Requirements are minimum – a space large enough for the assembly and an excited audience are all we need!


In School Opera


(518) 532-7875


999 Charley Hill Rd., PO Box 366, Schroon Lake, NY 12870

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