Theatre, Magic, Comedy, Illusions, STEAM, STEM, Science


Supermarket Science (Academic Entertainment) – In-Person Science Programs




K-2, 3-5, Middle school


Science, Theatre




In-Person: $1295 or 2/$1895, AM/PM $2590

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883, email, or visit our website ( and fill out our request information form for date availability.

Program Theme

Theatre, Magic, Comedy, Illusions, STEAM, STEM, Science

Program Description

Chocolate syrup, baby diapers, and spaghetti probably aren’t the first things you think of when you think about science. But if you’re a student of Supermarket Science, you’ll immediately laugh, recalling the fun science lessons and crazy antics those simple store-bought items can create.

You’ll also recall that hard-boiled eggs, applesauce, and a flying clipboard are all a part of the fun of Supermarket Science, a STEM assembly show that will make elementary and middle school students excited about the wonders of science. Nearly a dozen students participate on stage in this interactive and hysterical science school show, all while learning that chemical reactions, air pressure, inertia, and potential and kinetic energy make up a big part of our everyday lives. Supermarket Science is everywhere, even in a place as uninteresting, unexciting and routine as the supermarket!

*Note – Supermarket Science is available in-person throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. Each performer’s presentation may be customized for your group with personal and unique additions including bonus magical science effects, grade level targeted science challenges, interactive quizzes, science songs and more.




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