Multi-media storytelling. Cultural exploration, diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, geography.


Tales from a Bicycle Seat w/ George Maurer (Academic Entertainment) In-Person or Virtual/Online Assembly – Geography, World Cultures, Climate Change, Character, Growth Mindset




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


At a Distance, Character Education, Physical Education, Social Studies, Storytelling, Theatre


Music, Social Studies, Storytelling, Theatre


Virtual/Online $795 or 2/$1295, AM/PM $1590
In-Person: 1 or 2/$3600, AM/PM $4400
Discount Dates Sept/Oct 2023 and Spring 2024: 1 or 2/$2295, AM/PM $2990

Dates Available

Various Dates. Call 800-883-9883 or email

Program Theme

Multi-media storytelling. Cultural exploration, diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, geography.

Program Description

Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat, a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the USA, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam.

This One-of-A-Kind School Assembly touches on diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, geography, world cultures, ecology, global environment, climate change, health and wellness, bicycle safety and much, much more.

Take a Spin Around the World and Hear about George’s Bike Adventures. Interact with George and Ask Questions about his experiences across the globe. Your school may choose to focus on a specific country, or a specific topic or curriculum area. This presentation can be customized based on your needs!

This visual arts assembly includes Storytelling, interactivity with audience volunteers, and accompanied by an original music score as world bike adventurer and composer George Maurer takes students on a journey across the world, sharing stories of amazing encounters he has had on a bicycle.

It’s part educational, part environmental, part inspirational, and an all live musical performance blended with live video experiences from the viewpoint of a bicycle seat. Via drone, GoPro, and modern film technology, students can spin along with George as he shows, up close views and scenes from Iceland, Patagonia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Newfoundland, and Across the USA.

A 50-minute presentation featuring a variety of hand-picked inspiring, engaging, education-minded stories from the many adventures George has had bike-packing across the world. He’ll begin with a demonstration of the bicycle up close, including what goes on it, how it’s loaded up, and other ways he prepares for adventures.

Then, students will set off with George on several virtual bike rides, utilizing video stories with pauses in the action for live dialogue to emphasize a particular learning moment or teaching lesson.

George may also include his keyboard for live musical accompaniment of the video moments, establishing the similarities between creative moments in bicycle adventuring along with composition.




(800) 883-9883


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Pullman, WA 99163

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