Adventure, Mystery, Detectives, Monsters, Halloween


Jason Edwards – The MONSTER HUNT Library Adventure!




3-5, Middle school


Magic, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts


ELA, Science


$295.00 for a single performance; $695.00 for a full day of programs; $1995.00 for a week of unlimited programs and venues. Additional $50.00 per day travel fee.

Dates Available

Any day and time, all school year.

Program Theme

Adventure, Mystery, Detectives, Monsters, Halloween

Program Description

Engagement – Fun – Adventure and oh Yes… LEARNING!
Kids Build Research and Deduction Skills as they Track Down a Lurking Monster!
They discover hidden clues, solve baffling riddles, follow mysterious trails, and overcome treacherous obstacles to find and capture the monster!
7 – 14 year old junior detectives have a grand adventure – and develop observation, puzzle solving, and research skills as they search for clues that lead to the Monster’’s Secret Lair. They employ deductive reasoning, work cooperatively, and find books of all different kinds – all by themselves!
All participants have their own clues and proceed at their own pace. So EVERYONE SUCCEEDS.
Everyone finds clues, helps capture the monster, and is rewarded with their very own Monster Detective Badge!
It is an InterACTIVE, Hands-on Activity That Delights Everyone
Kids love it because it’s loads of fun –
Librarians, teachers, and parents love it because children are captivated, engaged, and develop vital skills –

1) It’s CAPTIVATING – The program is active and engaging: everyone is always involved and busy because everyone always has a task to perform. In this program, the KIDS are the stars of the show!
2) It’s HASSLE FREE – There is no required set-up on your part: all materials, preparation, and clean up are provided by our Mom’s Choice Award winning program performer, Jason Edwards – the Monster Detective!
3) It’s FLEXIBLE – There are over 100 program variations that accommodate different age groups, time frames, and levels of ability, as well as incorporating a multitude of different themes and/or curriculum content.
4) It’s SLYLY EDUCATIONAL – Kids learn without knowing they’re learning! They build and utilize research skills, employ deductive reasoning for puzzle solving, practice cooperative learning, and even apply elements of CBT Anxiety-control Training.
5) It’s GOT A PROVEN TRACK RECORD – This program has been performed to overwhelming acclaim at over 100 schools, libraries, and book festivals nationwide, and has proven to be fun, captivating, and rewarding for all involved.


(914) 437-7628


PO Box 513
Ardsley, NY 10502

Associated Acts/Performances

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